Does A Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

January 09, 2018

Does A Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

Getting a perfect night’s sleep is truly essential if you want to live a happy and productive life and sleeping cooler will help you accomplish this. 

Sleeping Temperature

According to the National Sleep Foundation, current research shows that the optimal temperature for getting a good night’s sleep is 65°, give or take a few degrees. Most people tend to sleep better in a cooler environment. One of the easiest ways to regulate your internal body temperature, is to select a mattress which is made from materials that do not absorb your body heat and trap it next to your body.

Sleeping Cool vs. Sleeping Hot

There are a few reasons why certain mattresses sleep hot or cool. Two of the most important reasons relate to airflow and softness. In order for a mattress to sleep cool, it must have a good amount of airflow, as this allows the air to circulate through the mattress vs. getting trapped inside the mattress. Also, when it comes to softness, the softer a mattress is, the warmer it will sleep. This is due to the body sinking into the mattress, ultimately reducing any airflow.

  • Sleeping Hot: The term used to describe a mattress that doesn’t permit the airflow and breathability that makes a mattress sleep cool.
  • Sleeping Cool: The term used to describe a mattress that has great airflow and breathability to offer sleepers a cool sleeping space.

Mattress Materials: Natural Latex vs. Foam

Memory foam mattresses are known for sleeping hot, not latex mattresses. Many people tend to get these two types of mattresses confused. Upon further research, you will find that a latex mattress is better than a memory foam mattress, when it comes to sleeping cool.

Does a memory foam mattress sleep hot? Yes. A memory foam mattress is dense and it doesn’t contain the open cell foam quality that allows it to breath.

Does a natural latex mattress sleep hot? No. High-quality natural latex mattresses are made using a special method that allows them to offer sleepers a much cooler sleeping surface.

Eco Terra Mattress = Natural Latex = Cool Sleeping Surface

The Talalay Method is an all-natural latex making method, that allows for a more breathable, cooler mattress and an open cell structure. This method provides sleepers with the cooler sleeping temperature they need for a perfect and restful night of sleep. The cover material is made using 100% organic cotton, adding even more cooling options for sleepers.

Why does Eco Terra use the Talalay Method?

  • It Makes a Breathable Mattress: The coils that are used when creating an Eco Terra mattress, allows sleepers to sleep up to an impressive 28% cooler when compared to sleeping on memory foam mattresses. It also keeps sleepers sleeping comfortably throughout the entire night.
  • It Creates an Open Cell Matrix: A natural latex mattress utilizes an open cell matrix, which is why this type of mattress is able to breathe so well and offer a cooler sleeping surface. When air is allowed to circulate through a mattress, it pulls both heat and moisture away from the body, allowing for a cooler night’s sleep.
  • It Supports Airflow aka Pin Holes aka Air Holes aka Pincore: Because the mold used to make a latex mattress will create thousands of pin holes in the mattress, these tiny holes allow air to pass through the mattress vs. getting trapped inside. The air flow gives you a cooler sleeping surface.

All Eco Terra latex mattresses are made using the Talalay Method.

90-Night Trial – You Have Nothing to Lose!

We’re so confident that you’ll sleep cooler when choosing to sleep on an Eco Terra Mattress, that we are offering every new Eco Terra customer the ability to try out the mattress for a full 90-night trial period. Wow! There’s truly nothing for you to lose so what are you waiting for? Call us now to set up your latex mattress delivery so that you can start sleeping on a cooler mattress and get the cool, perfect night’s sleep you need and deserve.

Eco Terra mattresses are the best cool mattresses for sleepers!

Patrick Gunther

Patrick is an accomplished writer. He has been in the retail mattress space for the past 11 years, and more specifically in the natural mattress niche. He blogs on the subjects of natural mattresses, sleep, health, fitness, and green living.

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