10 Minimalist Bedroom Tips

February 15, 2023

10 Minimalist Bedroom Tips

So, you're thinking about transforming your bedroom into a minimalist bedroom worthy of magazines, but you're not sure how to start. Or, perhaps you're worried it's going to be expensive to get that modern minimalist-inspired bedroom feel. Fortunately, creating a minimalist bedroom doesn't need to be time-consuming or expensive. Below are 10 minimalist bedroom tips to help.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Your first step of creating your minimalist bedroom is to go through and eliminate the clutter. Anything you absolutely don't need anymore, just get rid of it. This can include:

  • Collectible objects
  • Random wall hangings
  • Photos

By doing away with the old, you'll be making more room for things that are more important, and those you have a more positive association with.

  1. Choose Your Bed

Your bed is an essential piece of bedroom furniture, and shouldn't be taken lightly when designing your area. Individuals often think they should figure out their bedroom design first before making a commitment to any decor or furniture decisions. Actually, you can choose your bed first, and then work in your design from that.

  1. Choose Closed Hidden Storage

Getting back to that junk you don't need, if it's not all junk and you want to keep it, but it's cluttering your bedroom, closed hidden storage is your solution. So, evaluate your storage needs, furnish your bedroom accordingly, and store the rest away in hidden storage to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Just be realistic about what you actually need to keep in your bedroom.

  1. Hang a Piece of Art

You don't need to cover all your walls with pictures or paintings for your room to "be" complete. This isn't part of the minimalist aesthetic or ideal. Whether you're thinking about building a mini art collection, or have already done so, perhaps you can choose one piece of artwork that you'll cherish, and will love seeing each time you go into your bedroom.

  1. Use a Classic, Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist decor can be much more than the classic, neutral white, gray and black palette. You should keep the palette simple, and don't use pastels, brights, or other complicated color combinations. For the minimalist look, neutrals work the best, as well as white, dark, or mid-tone shades.

  1. Take Advantage of Balance and Symmetry

Minimalism is about harmony. Scale the furniture in your bedroom for your room size. Big furniture in a small room can feel tight, however smaller furniture in a big room can feel lost. Consider arranging your decor and furniture as symmetrically as you can to make an orderly bedroom. A room that's proportioned helps your eyes move through the space smoothly. When the layout of your bedroom is balanced properly, the result looks controlled and calm.

  1. Add Space

Empty areas between the furniture of your room adds a lot of minimalism. This is due to empty areas making your room less cluttered. A simple way of obtaining more space is by pushing things to the corners or walls. Push your bed to the corner to make new space you didn't know you had. Tables can be pushed as well.

  1. Hide Things

The last thing you want to see when you walk into your bedroom is your dirty laundry pile. Keep things in your wardrobes and drawers. For dirty laundry, use a laundry basket that has a lid on it. Or, a laundry room. Put things like pencils, pens, and paper in drawers when you're not using them.

  1. Tuck Away Cables

You can easily overlook this. These days, each individual has multiple gadgets that have cables attached. Keep cables in drawers, or roll up extra long ones, and tie them neatly. Try using wireless gadgets if possible. Nothing looks bad like cables all over your spaces.

  1. Add a Plant

A plant well-placed in a minimalist bedroom is simple and fun, and provides an earthy touch. It's the perfect way to add color to your room. Don't crowd your artwork with your plant. More than one plant isn’t necessary, and might look a little overcrowded. If you want an easy-to-care-for plant, buy a rubber plant, a fiddle leaf fig, or a philodendron. A bouquet of freshly-picked flowers could also fit in quite nicely, if you use a clear or neutral-toned jar.

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