Latex Mattress Buyer's Guide

September 12, 2018

Latex Mattress Buyer's Guide

A Latex Mattress Buyer's Guide For Blissful Sleep

Are you looking for a mattress that can provide you with deep, comfortable sleep? Everyone is looking for the optimal sleeping experience and that’s why latex mattresses are increasing in their popularity. If you're ready to live your life to the fullest and wake up refreshed each morning, then sleeping on a latex mattress is a must.

Why a Latex Mattress?

Why choose a latex mattress? A 100% natural latex mattress is a premium mattress choice. It is known as a premium mattress, due to the fact that a 100% natural latex mattress includes multiple benefits to the sleeper.

You should consider a latex mattress if:

  • You need pressure point relief
  • You require superior support
  • You want a mattress that sleeps cool
  • You want a healthy mattress, without chemicals
  • You want a natural sleeping environment
  • You support an environmentally conscious world

Types of Latex

Understanding the 3 different types of latex mattress choices is important, as they are different in their offerings.

Natural Latex: Is made with 100% pure, raw materials derived from rubber trees.

Synthetic Latex: Is created by polymerizing monomers, a process that allows molecules to bind chemically to other molecules that are used to produce the latex (with the added chemicals).

Blended Latex: Uses a combination of natural latex and synthetic latex materials.

How Latex is Manufactured

There are 2 different ways that latex is manufactured, with each method allowing for a slightly different mattress feel. One method is not better than the other. Instead, it is simply a matter of preference for the sleeper on whether they prefer a soft, medium or firm sleeping mattress.

Talalay: When the Talalay processing method is utilized, the results are a softer feeling mattress.

Dunlop: When the Dunlop processing method is utilized, the results are a firmer and/or more supportive feeling mattress.

Top Features To Look For When Buying A Mattress

The following is a list of top features sleepers look for when buying a new mattress. Which ones are important to you? 

  • A mattress that minimizes motion transfer. When couples sleep together, it’s important for them to make sure they’re not bothering their partner, when moving around a lot or getting into and out of bed.
  • A cool sleeping mattress. When latex mattresses are made, thousands of pin holes are created, allowing air to pass through the mattress. It is not possible for air to become trapped inside the mattress, so latex mattresses provide a cooler sleeping surface.
  • A mattress with strong edge support. This feature is especially important for those who sit on the edge of their bed. Innerspring coils are important when it comes to good edge support.

Latex Pros vs Latex Cons

The following list of latex pros and latex cons can be very beneficial when it comes to choosing the perfect latex mattress.


  • Latex mattresses do not retain heat like memory foam mattresses do
  • Latex mattresses do not off gas or release harmful chemicals like memory foam mattresses do
  • Latex mattresses are very durable and they last a long time
  • Latex mattresses offer incredible support that can’t be compared to other mattress types
  • Latex mattresses distribute body weight evenly and offer superior comfort
  • Latex mattresses are safe and healthy mattresses
  • Latex mattresses are naturally antimicrobial, which means it’s highly resistant to bacteria growth and dust mites


  • Latex mattresses are heavy. That being said, once the new latex mattress is placed into its permanent position, it doesn’t have to be moved again.
  • Latex mattresses cost more money. While high-quality latex mattresses are more expensive, they provide a sleeping surface like no other. They’re also going to last longer, which means that a new mattress doesn’t have to be purchased for another 15 years or so.

Buying Tips

  • Looking at the reputation of the company selling the latex mattress
  • Read reviews about the mattress you are interested in
  • Buying a mattress online will give you more options than buying a mattress in a physical store location
  • Take advantage of free mattress trials with free shipping and free returns
  • Check out the mattress warranty (be sure to read the fine print)

Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress

Now that you know everything there is to know about buying a new latex mattress, are you ready to make your choice? An Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress is one of the best latex mattresses available on the market today.

The Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress is simply the perfect combination of support and comfort. This high quality mattress uses all natural latex and premium encased coils. The combination creates the comfort sleepers want in a quality mattress, and the support sleepers need. It is important for sleepers to get the deep, restful sleep they need, so they can wake up the next day ready to conquer the world.

Try it now for 90 days. If you're not impressed, you’ll get a full refund. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

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