What is the Best Mattress for Sex?

January 07, 2022

What is the Best Mattress for Sex?

Is your mattress ruining your intimate moments? Well, that sucks. Now that you're here looking for the best mattress for sex, you need a few tips to help you find the ideal one. So, even before we discuss how to find the best mattress for sex, let's begin by figuring out where the problem is.

How a Mattress Impacts Sex

Choosing the best mattress for a couple is difficult, considering their different comfort preferences and support needs. But, when it comes to choosing the best mattress for sex, couples agree that comfort comes first.

For this reason, some features of the best mattress for sex are more important than others.

Here's an example.

While a couple may choose a firmer mattress for sex, they may not like how stiff it feels during intimacy. A firm mattress is not the best mattress for sex; it may cause pain on the couple's body because of the impact and pressure during sex. On the other hand, a softer mattress may lack adequate support and pressure relief, causing it to sink too much from the weight and pressure exerted by the couple.

Edge support not only helps you get out of bed; it also favors some bedroom adventures. A saggy mattress is equally uncomfortable for intimacy, as it lacks edge support to hold you and your partner in place.

Finding the best mattress for sex is important, as it promotes a healthy relationship and great bedroom life. Therefore, while some factors may be insignificant when shopping for a regular mattress, they may be vital when choosing the best mattress for sex.

Characteristics of the Best Mattresses for Sex

Most people may feel uncomfortable finding out from a store attendant about the best mattress for sex. Although it's nothing to be ashamed of, knowing what to look for when shopping for the best mattress for sex makes your work easier.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when shopping for the best mattress for sex.


When looking for the best mattresses for sex, bear in mind that a bouncy mattress may not be every sleeper's favorite, but it can be all you need to spice up your sex life. This depends on the materials of a mattress, and its firmness level.

For example, an innerspring mattress is bouncier because it has inner individually-wrapped coils as its support structure. The same also applies to a hybrid mattress.

An innerspring mattress may be too bouncy, compared to a hybrid mattress. That's because the outer layers of an innerspring mattress are thinner, and made with organic cotton, polyurethane, or memory foam. On the other hand, the outer layers of a hybrid mattress are thicker, and made with durable materials, such as natural latex.

A memory foam mattress may not feel as bouncy as the innerspring and hybrid mattress. The same can also be said about the best latex mattress.

Although memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are good for pressure relief and support, they may be less exciting during sex. On the other hand, hybrid mattresses have a good balance between bounce and comfort, perfect for pressure relief, support, and intimacy.


The responsiveness of a mattress is the degree to which it responds to motion and pressure. Because lovemaking involves a lot of movement, the responsiveness of a mattress has a significant impact on a couple's sexual experience.

A responsive mattress contours pressure points while providing maximum support to sleepers. As a result, couples sleep comfortably, and enjoy their bedroom time without worrying about hurting their knees, wrists, back, or other parts of their body.

Latex mattress foams are highly responsive because rubber is naturally springy. When combined with the individually wrapped coils system to form a hybrid mattress, you get the most responsive and supportive mattress. On the other hand, the best memory foam mattress contours the pressure points of the sleeper's body. However, a memory foam mattress is not as bouncy or responsive as its latex counterpart.

Edge Support

A mattress that lacks good edge support sags, and makes it difficult to get out of bed. Due to a lack of edge support, such a mattress can barely support the weight of a couple, let alone make it comfortable for lovemaking.

Good edge support entirely depends on its design, and the materials used. Strong and durable materials, such as latex foams and metallic coil systems, strengthen the edge support of a mattress.


Noise discretion is also an important consideration when choosing a mattress for active couples. Nothing ruins the mood for a good night like squeaking noises from a low-quality innerspring mattress, or loose bed. Unfortunately, such noises can also disrupt sleep for other household members.

You may want to avoid box spring mattresses and innerspring mattresses for more discretion and privacy during sex. Instead, opt for a quiet mattress. Box springs and metallic bed frames may also be noisy, compared to slatted wooden platform beds.

Temperature Regulation

You don't want to sleep on a mattress that retains too much heat, especially when sharing the bed with your partner. Too much heat can make the bed uncomfortable, and may also spoil the mood for a great night.

Even the best memory foam mattress can  trap body heat from sleepers, and cause extreme nighttime sweating. Latex mattresses are naturally breathable, and good at dispersing heat to keep the sleepers cool all night long. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are also breathable, due to the inner individually-wrapped coils that allow free air circulation.

Motion Isolation

Most couples choose a mattress that's great at motion isolation to prevent sleep disruptions caused by movement from one side of the bed. In addition, a motion-isolating mattress allows couples to have a deep, relaxing sleep after sex.

The best memory foam mattress is great at motion isolation, compared to an innerspring mattresses. However, the inability of a memory foam mattress to regulate a sleeper's body temperature doesn't usually guarantee a night of uninterrupted, deep sleep. Latex mattresses are good at both motion isolation and temperature regulation, making them ideal for sex.


Generally, medium-firm mattresses are comfortable for most sleepers and sleeping positions. They are also excellent for couples, because they offer tremendous support, pressure relief, and cradle pressure points to avoid body aches and pain after a night of good sex.

In most cases, the firmness of a mattress is affected by a sleeper's weight. A heavier sleeper is more comfortable on a firm mattress, because it offers more support, keeping the spine in proper alignment. However, it may not be easy on the joints and other parts of the body during sex.

Which Mattress Firmness Should You Look for When Shopping for the Best Mattresses for Sex?

The firmness level of mattresses ranges between soft and firm, although some brands use a firmness scale of between 1 and 10. Softer mattresses usually fall within 1 and 3 on the firmness scale, while firmer mattresses occupy the last two digits of the scale. In most cases, many sleepers feel more comfortable on medium-firm mattresses, or those that range between 4 and 7 on the scale.

When choosing the ideal mattress for sex, consider these two tips:

  • an extremely soft mattress has compromised support, and may feel like it's sinking during intercourse
  • an extremely firm mattress does not provide pressure relief, making it uncomfortable during movement

However, note that your weight also impacts the firmness level of your mattress. For example, if you are a plus-size sleeper, a firmer mattress will provide better support than a softer one, and vice versa. The good news is that most medium-firm mattresses are comfortable for sleepers of different weights, including couples.

Lastly, the ideal mattress for sex should be responsive to the impact of pressure by providing pressure relief.

Best Type of Mattress for Sex

If you're out shopping for a new mattress, you'll be overwhelmed by the numerous mattress models available today. However, not all mattresses suit you and your partner. Here's how different types of mattresses compare.

Hybrid Mattresses

Although most mattresses work well for couples during intimacy, hybrid mattresses are more popular, due to their many advantages. Hybrid mattresses combine the bounciness of traditional innerspring mattresses, and thick foam layers of latex foams.

The coil system provides sleepers with maximum support, enabling the mattress to withstand pressure, weight, and movement. In addition to pressure relief, these fabric-encased coils improve the breathability of the mattress, making the beds cooler. As a result, couples don't have to worry about sweating and overheating during sex.

Hybrid mattresses also have thick, cushioning latex foam layers. The presence of latex foam layers adds to the must-have features of an ideal mattress for sex.

Latex foams are naturally responsive, and can withstand high impact pressure without losing support. Additionally, since latex foams are naturally breathable and provide pressure relief, these mattresses feel cool and comfortable for couples during sex.

The metallic, fabric-encased coils found in hybrid mattresses, and their latex foam layers, create the perfect bounce and cradle for sleepers, without sinking too deep. That's the comfort level couples need to improve their sex life.

Besides hybrid mattresses, here are some of the pros and cons of other types of mattresses for sex.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • offer pressure relief
  • are great at motion isolation
  • allow discretion during sex

Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • trap heat from sleepers
  • are not so durable
  • lack strong edge support

Pros of Latex Mattresses

  • responsive
  • breathable
  • offer adequate support to sleepers
  • latex mattresses are durable

Cons of Latex Mattresses

  • come with a high price tag

Other Factors to Consider When Looking for Mattresses and Sex

Besides mattresses, you can change several other things in your bedroom for improved sex life. Here are a few examples:

Bed Frames and Foundations

If you want to get the best out of your mattress, consider using it with its appropriate base for support and comfort. If the bed frame isn't right, it won't adequately support your mattress, and the weight of your body during sex. Additionally, a weak bed frame can cause noises that ruin the mood for sex. Things could go from bad to worse, if you have a noisy mattress.

Try out an adjustable bed for more adventure, comfort, and support during sex. An adjustable bed frame allows you to customize your bed by elevating some sections of the bed to a comfortable angle. For example, you may raise the head section of your bed to provide more support to your back.

An adjustable bed also allows you and your partner to try out new sex positions, without straining your muscles and joints. That may be the key to changing your sex life effortlessly.


Pillows add extra support to sleepers, and are often placed below the head and neck. However, they can be great for aching your body in different positions to make you and your partner comfortable.

Like mattresses, pillows also come in different designs and materials. Therefore, you need pillows made with durable, breathable, and responsive materials, such as latex foam, for improved comfort.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers change the firmness level of your mattress to meet your comfort needs during sex. For example, if your mattress feels too firm, you can use a softer mattress to add an extra cushioning layer to your bed.

Latex toppers do more than change the firmness level of your mattress. They help you regulate the temperature of your bed, so you and your partner can sleep cool even during intercourse.

Besides being the perfect ingredient for the best cooling mattress, latex is also naturally resistant to dust mites and other forms of allergens known to cause respiratory difficulties among sleepers. That makes it an excellent choice for allergy-prone sleepers, and those suffering from respiratory problems, such as asthma.


Your bed sheets, pillowcases, covers, or duvets could change your romantic life for the better, if you select the best bedding for sex. For example, you may want to give up polyester bed sheets for the breathable and moisture-wicking organic cotton sateen bed sheets. These bed sheets absorb from the body, letting you and your partner enjoy the benefits of sleeping on the best cooling mattress.

The moisture-wicking capability solves the problem of heat retention and uncomfortably sweaty bedding.

Wool-filled covers are also great at temperature regulation, and have a luxurious feel. This is because wool fibers have peculiar properties that enable them to keep a sleeper cool all year long.

During hot and sweaty nights, wool wicks moisture away from your body, and absorbs it deep into the fiber. As a result, the surface of the covers remains dry and comfortable. When it's cold, tiny air pockets found in the fibers help insulate a sleeper's body, and distribute heat evenly to keep the sleeper warm. Wool is also hypoallergenic, and feels soft to the touch.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector prevents dirt and moisture from reaching your mattress, keeping it clean and long-lasting. A protector also helps prevent body fluids and lubricants from staining the mattress. Besides that, they are easier to clean, enabling you to keep your bed clean for a longer period.

Some mattress protectors also add a layer of cushioning to your bed to improve your comfort. You can also find protectors made of natural materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and wool to avoid allergies and chemical toxins found in synthetic fibers.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Mattress for Sex

Here are a few additional things to consider when shopping for the ideal mattress for sex.


Some mattresses cost more than others, depending on the materials used to make them. For example, latex foam mattresses usually costs more than the best memory foam mattress in most cases. However, you can find the best deals for high-quality mattresses from certain mattress manufacturers. In addition, shopping for the best latex mattress online is cheaper because most online companies don't have middlemen who hike prices to make profits.

Sleep Trial Nights and Return Policy

Because finding the ideal mattress for sex is difficult, you want to have enough time to try out a new mattress before deciding whether it suits you and your partner's needs. For this reason, choose a mattress from vendors who offer long sleep trial nights, and a favorable return policy.

Most online mattress vendors offer a generous amount of sleep trial period that allows buyers to have sufficient time to test their new mattresses. Then, if the mattress doesn't satisfy their sleep needs, they can request a return as per the return policy of the mattress vendor.

Mattress Warranty

The mattress warranty gives you an idea of how long you should expect your mattress to last, if used properly. Because you spend a lot of money to get a good mattress, it is vital to ensure that you select a durable mattress guaranteed to last for several years before needing a replacement.

Generally, a mattress will last longer with proper care, depending on the materials it is made of. For best results and longevity, choose a mattress made of natural materials, such as organic latex, organic cotton, and wool.

About Eco Terra's Hybrid Latex Mattress

Sleeping on an Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress gives you and your partner an incomparable sleep experience. So, if you want to spice up your bedroom adventures, this hybrid mattress is for you.

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress is made with pure, natural latex, breathable organic cotton, and organic wool to provide the freshness of nature. In addition, these materials improve air circulation to enable temperature regulation, which makes the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress the number one cooling mattress in the market.

The fabric-encased metallic core system found in the hybrid mattress offers maximum support to you and your partner during sex. Additionally, this hybrid mattress comes with the right amount of bounce, providing pressure relief during lovemaking.

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress comes in two firmness levels to choose from. The medium firmness level of the hybrid mattress suits medium-weight to lightweight sleepers. On the other hand, heavier sleepers feel more comfortable on medium-firm hybrid mattresses.

Eco Terra ensures that sleepers are safe from chemicals and toxins. Our company meets the GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification standards, providing sleepers with high-quality and eco-friendly sleep solutions.

A hybrid mattress can significantly improve your sex life. And even though shopping for a mattress is not the easiest thing to do, online shopping makes the whole process easier, faster, and cheaper. So, if you're wondering where to start when looking for the best mattress for sex, the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress is your go-to option.

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