Hybrid Mattress Types

March 23, 2021

Hybrid Mattress Types

When you have to make a choice on which type of mattress will be best for your needs, your best bet is to choose one that will offer you the "best of both worlds." And, when it comes to this hefty goal, hybrid mattresses stand out.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines foam comfort layers with a coil-based foundation. Typically, memory foam is the main component, however, polyfoams, and latex are also used. After consumers started making their complaints that foam and coils were just not enough anymore, the hybrid mattress was developed.

When you think of an innerspring mattress, usually bounce and support comes to mind. With memory foam, you're probably thinking contour and hug. With a latex mattress, lack of motion transfer, pressure-point relief, and buoyancy are highlight features. Each of these are totally different products. But, when you combine them, like in a hybrid mattress, they complement each other in ways that bring out their best qualities.

What Is the Typical Construction of a Hybrid Mattress

There are a couple of crucial components for a mattress to be considered "hybrid."

First, it needs a support core constructed of innerspring coils, and then it requires a significant comfort system on top of the coils.

While various types of materials can make up this comfort system, it must have a coil-based support core to technically be a hybrid by most. While you will find "springless hybrids" that certain manufacturers are marketing that are quality mattresses, they're not genuine hybrids.

All hybrids have those two common components, however, the way these components might be constructed can be different and is what creates the diversity among hybrid mattresses in terms of feel, performance, and price.

What are the Types of Hybrid Mattresses

Different types of hybrid mattresses are:

1. Memory Foam and Innerspring Coils

Memory foam is well-known for its slow response to pressure, and deep body-conforming. When you're sleeping on it, you'll experience the sensation of being "hugged" by your mattress, and this will help relieve pressure. Many hybrid mattresses have a memory foam layer that isn't that thick. Others, however, provide you with that deep-contouring sensation you experience with an all-memory foam mattress. Of course, you also get outstanding motion isolation.

2. Polyfoam and Innerspring Coils

Like memory foam, polyfoam will conform to your body, too, but it's more responsive to pressure, leading to a little less pressure relief, but better temperature control and ease of movement. Also like memory foam, polyfoam isolates motion well, maybe not as well, though.

3. Latex and Innerspring Coils

With natural latex, you'll be sleeping on a mattress with zero harmful substances. Actually, natural latex doesn't consist of synthetics or chemicals. It's seamless, and eliminates the possibility of mattress breakdown.

The coils provide you with no sags or dips. Upcycled steel coils that are stress-relieved and heat-treated offer you lasting firm edge-to-edge support. Food-grade polypropylene fabric encases each spring, is non-toxic, and non-woven. A distinct casing like this makes each spring independently float, improving things like:

  • Support
  • Airflow
  • Spinal alignment

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

What makes hybrid mattresses so appealing to individuals looking for the best night's sleep? Here are some benefits of owning a hybrid mattress:

1. Hybrids Have Give

A memory foam mattress is well-known for its "slow-melting" density, creating that feeling like you're sinking. However, with a hybrid mattress, they're a bit more "forgiving." A hybrid mattress's fabric-encased coil innerspring core allows for more bounce which you won't find with memory foam mattresses because of their outstanding ability to hinder motion transfer.

2. Hybrids Provide Great Value

Hybrid mattresses are practical investments, particularly since they provide limitless material combinations allowing you the ability to customize your product without draining your bank account. So, you don't have to give up on quality when purchasing a hybrid, despite it being a lower-cost mattress.

3. Hybrids Provide an Ideal Balance of Support and Comfort

Hybrids are luxuriously comfortable and supportive at the same time. They pretty much have what all types of mattresses have, if you think about it. Comfort, however, is a totally individual experience, and what one person thinks is supportive could make another wake up with the aches and pains of a 50-year old.

4. Hybrids Provide Pain Relief

Hybrids not only provide incredible comfort, they also offer sufficient support with the foam and individually-wrapped coil spring combination, both of which offer body contouring and pressure point relief where your body requires it most, like your:

  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulder

The spring core offers structural support, helping encourage adequate spinal alignment and sleep posture. And, the foam top layers fill the gaps around your body that may not experience the same type of love from a completely innerspring mattress. These effects work together for helping ease soreness and chronic pain in your body.

Drawbacks of a Hybrid Mattress

Almost everything has some drawbacks, including hybrid mattresses. These are:

1. Higher Price

Because there are higher demand and complexity for hybrid products, you can typically expect to pay a bit higher in price than if you were paying for another type of mattress of similar quality.

2. Not Always a Real Hybrid

Some companies try to make their mattresses look like they're hybrid when actually they aren't. So, you might have to shop around a little to make sure you're really buying a hybrid.

3. Unproven Longevity

That said, many hybrid mattresses should last you a minimum of six years. The typical lifespan for a hybrid mattress is about six to eight years, but sometimes they might keep on performing for even longer.

What to Consider When Buying a Hybrid Mattress?

Shopping for a mattress effectively requires you to identify your priorities and understand which mattresses will align with them best. While hybrids all have some similarities, they don't all have the same performance. There are certain things you should consider when purchasing a hybrid mattress, such as:


Hybrid mattresses are a fairly large expense, so you'll definitely want to factor the price in your decision-making. However, you can find some great values, particularly if you shop online. There is definitely the potential of finding a quality hybrid mattress, even while you're on a budget.

Coil Count

This is a way to quantify the mattress's total number of springs. This data point, for most people, particularly viewed by itself, can often mislead more than it helps; however, since the number of coils alone won't tell you anything about their:

  • Thickness
  • Type
  • Quality

You don't want to assume a higher coil count will mean you're getting a high-quality innerspring support core. 

Coil Gauge

Along with coil count, you also want to consider coil gauge. This describes how thick the wire making up the coils is. Coil gauge typically will range between 12 and 18 (12 represents a thicker-gauge wire, and 18 represents a thinner-gauge wire).

Hybrid mattresses often have higher gauge individually-wrapped coils (14 and 18) than the coil types you'd find in innerspring mattresses.


Contouring is how the mattress reacts to your body weight. When there's more contouring, the mattress could soften the impact at your pressure points. If there's deep contouring, most linked with memory foam, it could be helpful if you sleep on your side, but might not for other sleep positions, since it could increase body heat retention.

Firmness Level

Firmness is the main factor that influences comfort. Most individuals would rather sleep on a medium to medium-firm mattress. Others prefer something softer or harder. Firmness requirements could depend on sleep position and weight. Fortunately, hybrids are provided in a whole range of firmness levels, which gives you plenty of choices to find a decent fit.

Quality Materials

Selecting a mattress that is constructed with high-quality materials is an ideal way of obtaining a stronger return on your investment. Better materials mean better durability and performance. Search for a mattress where there are no weak layers in its construction.

Pressure Relief

You require extra support at your pressure point areas. Examples would be your hips and shoulders, if you're a side sleeper, or the lumbar spine of your back, if you're a stomach sleeper. You'll want to check the hybrid mattress to ensure it provides contouring without excessive sagging, which helps to relieve pressure.


Just about all mattresses will release some off-gassing odors when they're brand new. This is due to the foam's VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being released into the air. While it's not exactly harmful, off-gassing could be bothersome for individuals who are sensitive to smell.

FAQs About Hybrid Mattress

1. How Durable is a Hybrid Mattress?

A well-constructed hybrid mattress is very durable, and has an average lifespan of six to eight years, if you maintain it properly. When you compare hybrids to other types of mattresses, they're substantially more durable than innersprings.

2. What's the Price of Hybrid Mattresses?

Generally, a Queen size hybrid mattress's average price is around $1,200 to $2,000 because of its complex construction. But, you can find many luxury-priced and budget-friendly hybrids, too. You'll find more variations in price with hybrids than with most other types of mattresses. Be prepared to set your budget based on the:

  • Materials
  • Thickness
  • Construction
  • Additional features

Just like with other types of mattresses, you can also purchase a hybrid mattress at an affordable cost when there's a promotion, sale, or discount.

3. Will I Stay Cool?

If your hybrid mattress is properly combined, you should have no problem staying cool. Many individuals want to sleep on a contouring and nice memory foam mattress; however, the traditional stuff comes with serious heat retention problems, and doesn't let air pass through it. This can leave you waking up drenched in sweat during the night. When you combine coils and foam, or latex and foam (like with hybrids), it helps you sleep cooler.

4. Will the Position I Sleep in Make a Difference when Deciding on a Hybrid Mattress?

Your sleep position could play a significant role when it comes to deciding on which hybrid mattress to choose, just like with any mattress. If you sleep on your back, you'll want a top conforming foam layer to ensure you're well-supported and comfortable.

If you sleep on your stomach, you'll want to choose a hybrid mattress that's comfortable, but supportive. You can try various combinations, if you're lighter, such as combining latex and memory foam. If you're heavier, you may want to combine latex, foam, and coils for enhanced support and push-back.

If you sleep on your side, be cautious if you choose a coil-based mattress that provides you the proper sinkage. You could also choose a latex-based and foam-based mattress, since it should be supportive and responsive enough to your spine while giving you a cradle.

5. What's the Difference Between a Wrapped Coil and an Innerspring Coil?

Individually-wrapped coils are encased separately, and move independently, so they can contour exactly to your body, and offer consistent support distribution throughout your mattress, while reducing disturbance and motion transfer for your sleep partner. An innerspring coil that's not wrapped is usually separated by a polyfoam or memory foam layer, so you don't feel the coils.

Eco Terra's Hybrid Mattress

If you choose to indulge in an Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress, expect uncompromising, pure natural Talalay latex as well as organic cotton and wool. This mattress comes with responsive support coils encased in fabric with no toxins or polyurethane in any of the mattress's construction. The natural mattress has two wire gauges: a 15 gauge for center support, and a narrower 16 gauge for edge support, to ensure that each coil offers just the right amount of give.

Plus, the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress is constructed with moisture-wicking, breathable materials, so you sleep cool, without sweating to provide you with the best sleep possible.

The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress provides you with the best sleep experience at a very reasonable price. A great quality eco-friendly natural latex mattress could easily cost you twice the price of this mattress or more, but Eco Terra handcrafts all our products in-house, and ships them directly to the end users, which helps us keep our hybrid mattress prices low. Visit our Eco Terra website to purchase and enjoy your own luxurious hybrid mattress.

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