Latex Mattress Complaints

July 20, 2018

Latex Mattress Complaints

Latex mattresses have become very popular recently. Sleepers are quickly learning about the incredible benefits of latex mattresses, including comfort, support and pressure relief. However, as more and more models come out, sleepers are starting to wonder what the top latex mattress complaints are.  

First, let’s look at the differences between latex mattresses, so you can see how latex mattresses differ, as they are not all made the same way.

Natural Latex vs. Synthetic Latex vs. Blended Latex

Wondering what the differences are between natural and synthetic latex? How about blended latex mattresses? Read on to understand the differences.

Natural Latex is made using the sap from rubber trees. This type of latex effortlessly conforms to the sleepers body, is both resilient and durable, and sleeps cool. This type of latex mattress is also known as a safe sleeping mattress because it is not made using any harmful materials.

Synthetic Latex is made using artificial rubber. This type of mattress adequately conforms to the body, is somewhat resilient, lacks durability, and does not sleep as cool as a natural latex mattress. This type of latex mattress is made using any number of potentially toxic chemicals, which makes this type of mattress an unsafe sleeping mattress due to its ability to off gas on a continuous basis.

Blended Latex mattresses are made using a combination of natural latex and synthetic latex. This type of latex mattress offers sleepers some of the benefits that come with choosing a natural latex mattress, but at a cheaper price because cheaper quality materials are used.

Top Complaints About Latex Mattresses

While the following list reveals the top complaints about latex mattresses, keep in mind that many of these complaints are related to personal preference. For example, sleepers who complain that latex mattresses have too much bounce are sleepers who simply prefer less bounce. 

Latex Mattresses Are Heavy

  • While latex mattresses may be heavy, there’s a reason. Their weight is related to their density, which allows them to absorb movement. Minimized motion transfer is a popular mattress feature for sleepers who have restless partners. The density of a latex mattress also provides better support, which is especially important for heavier sleepers.

Latex Mattresses Are Expensive

  • A natural latex mattress is more expensive than other latex mattresses because they are made using high-quality, natural ingredients, and they are safe sleeping mattresses. While natural latex mattresses may cost more, they also last longer than other mattresses. This means sleepers get their money’s worth. Natural latex mattresses also come with a long warranty.

Latex Mattresses Are Firm

  • When sleepers complain that latex mattresses are too firm, what they’re saying is that a mattress that falls anywhere between medium and firm is going to be too firm for them. Instead, they must look for a mattress that is soft to medium. Latex mattresses offer sleepers a more supportive sleeping surface because they’re specifically made to be resilient and durable, in order to offer the firm and comfortable support many sleepers are looking for nowadays.

Latex Mattresses Smell

  • Only synthetic and blended latex mattresses have a smell to them, which is caused by the synthetic materials used to make the mattresses. These smells are also known as off gassing, which means that the chemicals used to make the mattress are releasing into the air. Off gassing mattresses are also known as unsafe mattresses, for obvious reasons. (Natural latex mattress do come with an initial smell, but it’s a completely harmless smell that is reminiscent of vanilla.)

Latex Mattresses Sleep Hot

  • In fact, latex mattresses sleep cool. Many people tend to confuse latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses and it’s memory foam mattresses that are known for sleeping hot. Latex mattresses have a cooler sleeping surface because they are constructed with an open cell structure, which allows air circulation. Memory foam mattresses have closed cell structures and no air circulation so they sleep hot.

Latex Mattresses Have Too Much Bounce

  • When sleepers complain that a latex mattress has too much bounce, what they are in need of is a very firm mattress. Also, a little bit of a bounce is good in a mattress - it offers sleepers the convenience of pressure point relief, which high-quality latex mattresses do.

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