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We designed the Eco Terra latex mattress to provide a comfortable night’s rest, so you can wake up feeling your best each morning.

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I love this mattress
I love this mattress. I'm so happy I got it. I was looking for comfy yet somewhat firm to support my back and this is EXACTLY that. I'm not sure I would even describe it as "firm," its more like flexibly supportive with a soft outer layer. I was nervous about ordering online but I laid on one made of the same materials at Macy's and just hoped for similarity without spending so much. Worth every penny.
La Notte Verified Buyer
January 3, 2017
Very soft and comfortable mattress
I met with an accident last year and as a result, I had to undergo many operations and now i have a very sensitive back. The previous, mattress i had was very uncomfortable and i was not able to sleep on it. My brother told me about this Eco Terra Mattress. My wife purchased it online, it arrived on time. I liked the packing of the product which kept it intact. This mattress with natural latex gives my back good support and now I am able to sleep with ease without tension of further hurting my back.
Sushil Panton Verified Buyer
December 16, 2016
Five Stars
Best night sleep I have had in a long time. No back or hip pain. Love it
Kayley Verified Buyer
December 9, 2016
I love this mattress
I love this mattress. The sleep that I get on it leaves me rejuvenated and happy! After having this luxury mattress, I actually find it difficult to sleep in other beds when traveling.
Zeljko McMullen Verified Buyer
Nov 21st, 2016
I love my mattress! The entire process was a good experience. The ease of the website and the help from the sales representatives is a plus! The delivery was great as well as the tutorial video. I just really love my mattress! It feels so good to wake up every morning without sore hips, a lower back ache or stiff neck! Thanks so much for a mattress that is made from natural materials and makes such a huge difference for a good nights sleep!!!
Kristina Lee Verified Buyer
November 2, 2016
Great mattress
This mattress is awesome. My back is in heaven when i lay on it. It's so comfortable. Hard to imagine you could roll up heaven and squeeze it into some plastic but when the mattress unrolled out of the packaging and i laid on it, i knew i made the right choice buying it.
Ronald Arostegui Jr. Verified Buyer
Oct 13th, 2016


While most of our customers love Eco Terra from the very first night, if you’re anything other than thrilled with your mattress, we won’t rest until we make it right.

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