How is a Latex Mattress Made?

February 28, 2018

How is a Latex Mattress Made?

There has been a growing focus on healthy living over the past few years. Consumers have made it known, that they want to sleep on mattresses that are made using natural materials, to support their new, healthy lifestyle. What is a latex mattress, you may be wondering.

Why a Latex Mattress?

It’s simple. An Eco Terra mattress is made using natural and safe materials. Therefore, they offer safe sleeping surfaces. It’s true that we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping in our beds. Everyone deserves to spend this one-third of their lives sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t contain  toxins. Our latex mattress is toxin free and the healthiest mattress you can sleep on. Also, our latex mattresses are made with natural and quality materials, so they last longer than other mattresses made today.

Eco Terra Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra mattress is a popular mattress that comes with an impressive 15-year warranty. Impressive because most mattresses are expected to only last an average of seven years, with a warranty to match.

The Eco Terra mattress also offers sleepers:

  • Superior posture support due to eliminated negative space (which is recommended when it comes to properly aligning the spine).
  • A cooler sleeping service due to its breathability (which means it disperses the body’s heat when sleeping).
  • The ability to not disturb their partner when moving while sleeping due to advances in minimized motion transfer.
  • Edge to edge comfort from the quantum coil reinforcement design, which means you’ll sleep just as comfortably when in the middle of the bed as you will when you're on the edge of the bed.

Where do Latex Mattresses Come From?

Rubber trees. The material used to make a latex foam mattress is harvested from rubber trees, which for the most part grow on sustainable plantations. Eco Terra gets their latex from rubber trees grown in Sri Lanka, as the majority of rubber tree plantations are located in the Southeast Asia area. The environment in Southeast Asia fully supports rubber tree growth, and many people agree that the more trees planted, the better. Trees are extremely beneficial to the environment, and as more and more people buy latex foam natural mattresses there will only continue to be more trees planted.

How are Latex Beds Made?

Our Eco Terra mattresses are made using environmentally-friendly mattress-making methods, which is another reason why latex mattresses are so popular nowadays. A special method is used to extract the white liquid sap from the tree, while at the same time providing no damage to the tree in any way. In order to extract the white sap, a small cut is made on the tree to remove the bark that will cause the sap to begin to flow out of the tree; it can take up to 6 hours for the sap to stop flowing. Buckets are placed under the flowing sap for transport.  

The fact that rubber trees can be used for more than 25 years for this purpose is quite remarkable!

Talalay vs. Dunlop

So how does the liquid sap that coming out of a rubber tree create a healthy mattress? There are two main methods used to produce a latex natural mattress - the Dunlop Method and the Talalay Method. Each method has its own way of processing and one is not necessarily better than the other one. It’s simply a matter of mattress preference.

  • The Dunlop Method is the original all-natural mattress making method that has been used since 1929, and it tends to create a firmer texture, which is typically used as a mattress core in natural latex mattresses. This method requires the sap to be mixed until it turns into a foam, which is then shaped by putting it into a specially made mold, then into a hot oven to create the all-natural latex mattress. The mattress is then thoroughly cleaned and dried. This particular mattress-making method allows the entire mattress to be made at one time.
  • The Talalay Method uses a process that produces a latex bed with a little bit of a different texture, which tends to make it softer than the Dunlop Method. It is typically used as the top comfort layer in mattresses. Instead of mixing the sap into a foam, it is put into a specially made mold which is closed tight. Suction is then used to make sure the sap is evenly distributed. The next step requires the mold to be frozen and then quickly heated, which causes the sap to become solid. 

Because the Eco Terra mattress has a supportive base of fabric-encased coils, the top layer is made of the softer, airier Talalay latex for supreme cushioned comfort.

Eco Terra Mattress = The Preferred Mattress Choice

So now you know why a mattress made with natural latex is quickly becoming the preferred mattress choice among mattress buyers. The healthy living movement is here to stay and more and more people are looking to buy a safe mattress to sleep on. This allows them to create the safe sleeping environment which they not only deserve, but need, for their overall good health.

High-quality, latex foam mattresses receive the highest overall owner satisfaction ratings.

Patrick Gunther

Patrick is an accomplished writer. He has been in the retail mattress space for the past 13 years, and more specifically in the natural mattress niche. He blogs on the subjects of natural mattresses, sleep, health, fitness, and green living.