Hybrid Latex Mattress vs. All Natural Latex Mattress

October 27, 2020

Hybrid Latex Mattress vs. All Natural Latex Mattress

As you go about your search for the perfect mattress for your sleep needs, you’ve probably found quite a bit of evidence suggesting that latex mattresses offer many benefits you want. As you research further, you learn that some mattresses are all-natural latex while others are what are called hybrid latex mattresses, and this may bring questions into your mind.

Hopefully, we can clear up some of these questions for you, so you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your mattress needs.

What Is a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

In its purest form, a hybrid latex mattress is a mattress combining traditional coil innerspring mattress and latex foam. These “springs” are a little different from your grandma’s old innerspring mattress, however. Each coil is individually wrapped to deliver isolated support, and cradle your pressure points while you sleep. Some people feel a hybrid latex mattress offers the best of both worlds.

For instance, with a hybrid latex mattress, you get the reduction in motion transfer, edge-to-edge support, and pressure point relief you expect from an innerspring mattress with the unsurpassed support in a plush comfort layer, without that “sinking” feeling memory foam providers, with the latex foam layer.

The latex foam layers in a hybrid mattress helps to create that feeling of buoyancy that prevents the sinking feeling so common in memory foam mattresses. The other benefit of using a hybrid latex mattress is that it has a longer lifespan than a traditional innerspring mattress, which lasts seven years, on average, before it should be replaced. In fact, some hybrid latex mattresses have warranties lasting up to 15 years from the date of purchase.

The idea with a hybrid latex mattress is simply to offer consumers the benefits of both mattresses (innerspring and latex mattresses). These mattresses are especially beneficial for couples who are disturbed by their partner’s nighttime movements.

What are the Pros of Hybrid Latex Mattresses?

There are quite a few benefits to consider when it comes to hybrid latex mattresses. The more you learn about these mattresses, the more you may gravitate toward them, especially if you’re dealing with an organization that offers quality latex in their mattresses, like the Eco-Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress, which uses a three-inch layer Arpico 100 percent natural latex that has been certified by the ECO-INSTITUT Standard 100.

Other benefits of a hybrid latex mattress, include the following:

  • Cost-effective. Hybrid latex mattresses are often slightly more cost-effective than other all-natural latex mattresses on the market.
  • Long life span. With many mattresses, the shelf-life is only a few years. The Eco-Terra Hybrid latex mattress can last up to 15 years, providing exceptional comfort and support all the while.
  • No matter how you sleep - side, stomach, back, alone, or with someone else, these mattresses offer a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Between the individually-wrapped coils and the open cell structure of the latex, these mattresses allow impressive amounts of air throughout, so you sleep cooler, and moisture wicks away quickly, not getting trapped in the mattress.

As you can see, these are plenty of “pros” to keep in mind when it comes to sleeping on a hybrid latex mattress. Now, it’s time to take a look at all-natural latex mattresses.

What Is an All-Natural Latex Mattress?

You probably know by now that not all latex is created equal. Unfortunately, the same is true of “green” claims about many latex products. When you’re in the market for mattresses, the term all-natural should mean something. With the Eco-Terra brand, it does. All-natural latex means it doesn’t have additives, fillers, or harmful ingredients that can be found in many of the mattresses that claim to be green.

All-natural latex mattresses from quality manufacturers will offer transparency, so that you know where the raw materials originate, plus materials lists, so you know what is used in the mattress, and have certifications from independent organizations backing up their claims.

Another thing to remember is this: latex isn’t the only material used to make natural latex mattresses. You want all the materials used to make your mattress to be safe to expose to the air inside your home – the air your family breathes.

Natural latex mattresses contain none of the following “ingredients” that are lurking in so many other types of mattresses on the market:

  • Petrochemical fillers. Not only can these chemicals be harmful to you, your family, and the planet; they can also degrade the quality of the mattress, which shortens it lifespan.
  • Volatile organic compounds. These are the compounds behind the noxious odor that occurs when opening mattresses from some organizations. These compounds linger in the air inside your home for years, potentially causing all manner of health problems and upper respiratory distress.
  • Not only is the smelly chemical used in a lot of carpet adhesives, some mattress makers use it to hold the internal layers of the mattress together. With all-natural latex mattresses, there’s no need for this, as the latex sticks to itself without shifting or bunching.

Those are just starters. In fact, what sets all-natural latex apart from other types of latex isn’t what’s in the latex, which is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, and nothing else. Instead, it is about what isn’t in the mattress. That includes a long list of chemicals, dyes, heavy metals, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and more.

What Are the Pros of All Natural Latex Mattresses?

There is a lot to love about all natural latex for your mattress. The first, and most important thing for many consumers is the fact that it is an eco-friendly option. The good news is that things that are good for the planet are often equally good for the people who live on the planet. The same holds true for earth-friendly all-natural latex mattresses. These are a few other benefits you’ll enjoy when sleeping on all natural latex.

  • Natural latex has an open cell structure that allows air to flow through. This helps you stay cooler while you sleep.
  • Many all-natural latex mattresses have lengthy life expectations because the material is dense and durable.
  • Unlike many synthetic latex and latex blends, all natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic.
  • No off-gassing. If you’ve ever removed the wrapping from a mattress, and had to leave the room for a day or two due to the smell, you know what off-gassing is. Natural latex mattresses do not have the potent odor that mattresses made with petrochemicals have.

Your decision probably isn’t getting any easier. Hopefully, the information in the next section will help you find your ideal mattress.

What are the differences and Similarities Between Hybrid Latex Mattresses and All-Natural Latex Mattresses?

There are a few differences between a hybrid latex mattress and an all-natural latex mattress. One of the most notable is the superb motion isolation you experience with a hybrid latex mattress. Your partner may not be able to do jumping jacks in your bed without you noticing, but the normal nocturnal bathroom breaks may very well go unnoticed.

The similarities depend on the quality of the latex. Both types of mattresses are extremely breathable and durable. All-natural latex has a slight edge in durability, though both are quite durable.

FAQs About Hybrid Latex Mattresses?

These are a few frequently-asked questions about hybrid latex mattresses.

Q: How comfortable are hybrid latex mattresses?
A: Hybrid latex mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. Most people who prefer a medium or medium-firm mattress will find a reason to appreciate the Eco-Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress.

Q: Do hybrid latex mattresses sleep hot?
A: Hybrid latex mattresses feature individually-wrapped coils and natural foam latex that both allow considerable breathability for a cooler night’s sleep.

Q: Are hybrid latex mattresses heavy?
A: Yes. You will want a supportive frame for your mattress, and may require assistance bringing the mattress into your home or lifting it onto your bed, especially if you purchase a king-sized mattress.

Q: Do hybrid latex mattresses have warranties?
A: That will vary from one manufacturer to another. While there is no industry standard warranty, Eco-Terra offers a 15 year warranty on our hybrid latex mattresses.

Q: What if we don’t like the mattress after we buy it?
A: Eco-Terra offers a 90-night sleep trial, allowing you to try the mattress and return it within those 90 nights without penalty if it does not meet your needs.

Q: How much are shipping and returns?
A: Shipping and return prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Eco Terra offers free shipping and a full refund of the purchase price of your mattress should you need to return it.

Shopping for quality when shopping for hybrid latex mattresses pays off with outstanding service, and plenty of perks.

Eco-Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

Both types of mattresses have a lot to offer. Fortunately, the Eco-Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress provides you with the best of both worlds, with all-natural latex foam for superb plushness, and individually-wrapped coils for outstanding support, and pressure-point comfort. Plus, you get all the benefits discussed above, including a long warranty, 90-night risk-free trial, free shipping, and an amazing mattress for practically any way you sleep.

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