Is a Hybrid Latex Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

August 25, 2020

Is a Hybrid Latex Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Award
Sleep Doctor Has Awarded the Eco Terra Mattress as Best Pick for Spinal Alignment

Side sleepers have unique needs when it comes to finding the right mattress that are different than those of back or stomach sleepers. Finding a mattress to meet those needs can be quite challenging in some instances. In the past, some side sleepers have commented that 100 percent latex mattresses are a little too unyielding, and that memory foam mattresses are a little too soft and unsupportive.

A hybrid latex mattress offers something different. Something that just might make them the ideal mattresses for side sleepers. Here’s what you need to know about hybrid latex mattresses for side sleepers.

What Is a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Hybrid latex mattresses are not made up entirely of latex foam the way 100 percent latex mattresses are. In fact, hybrid latex mattresses include a layer of coil springs in combination with foam, such as latex foam or other types of foam.

What makes a hybrid latex mattress great is that you get all the basics in one mattress:

  • Cooling airflow through fabric encased coils
  • Pressure relief similar to that of memory foam
  • The legendary support latex is known to offer

Because individual coils flex and yield one at a time, they provide superb support that helps you maintain optimal spinal alignment when lying on your side. Combine that with the cushioning comfort of memory foam and optimal air flow it represents, and you have a lot to love about a hybrid latex mattress for side sleepers.

So, to answer the question “is a hybrid latex mattress good for side sleepers?” The answer is “Yes!” Few mattresses offer the combination of cooling comfort and support you’ll find with the hybrid latex mattress.

Which Hybrid Latex Mattress is Best?

That is only half the question answered, though. It’s not enough to know that a hybrid latex mattress is a good choice. The other question you need to ask is which hybrid latex mattress is your best option.

With so many available, it is the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress that is making waves, and getting attention. This mattress comes in your choice of medium or medium-firm, and is made with 100 percent natural Talalay latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and fabric-encased coils that are super responsive to the needs of your body, no matter which sleep position you prefer.

Beyond that, the Talalay latex foam is made without toxic materials that can cause harm to you, your family, or the planet. They are perfectly safe to bring into your home, and sleep on night after night for many, many years. How many years? The Eco Terra latex mattress comes with a 15-year limited warranty – nearly double that of traditional innerspring mattresses.

The real beauty is what it doesn’t contain, and that includes a long list of ingredients, such as:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Memory foam
  • Synthetic foam
  • Latex blends
  • Chemical adhesives
  • Chemical flame retardants

What is left is natural and pure ingredients including:

  • Natural latex
  • Organic wool
  • Organic cotton

And it is made right here in the USA – in California.

Other Tips for Side Sleepers

There is more to getting a great night’s sleep as a side sleeper than simply finding the right mattress. While your mattress plays a huge role in your ability to sleep at night, these tips can help as well.

  • Place a pillow between your knees while sleeping.
  • Choose a pillow for your head that is properly supportive to aid in spinal alignment.
  • Avoid sleeping on your arms.
  • Try sleeping on your left side (it can actually help reduce heartburn).

The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress has a lot to offer side sleepers, which is why we believe it is the best option available for most side sleepers. Try it today, risk-free for up to 90 days to see how it works for you.

Patrick Gunther

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