Looking for a No Motion Transfer Mattress?

July 29, 2021

Looking for a No Motion Transfer Mattress?

Looking for a no motion transfer mattress? Smart. Also known as a zero motion mattress and a motion isolation mattress, a no motion transfer mattress is becoming quite popular these days. If you have a partner who moves a lot during the night, then this is a good choice for you. Most mattresses do not offer a no motion transfer feature, which means that every time your partner moves, you will feel it.

Motion transfer sleeping interruptions can really affect the quality of your sleep. This will ultimately affect your everyday functioning and quality of life.

For people who find it challenging to sleep again after being awake (referred to as light sleepers), these minor disturbances can result in a bigger challenge. Having difficulty sleeping through the night can affect your life and, ultimately, your ability to live healthy.

But some mattresses can isolate movement, by making it barely noticeable when your companion in bed moves here and there. The major difference between these types of mattresses, and the ones that calls your attention to every one of your partner's moves, is referred to as motion transfer.

What Does Motion Transfer Mean?

Motion transfer has to do with how much motion is transmitted from one side of your mattress to the other. A mattress with a high level of motion transfer will shift when a movement takes place in any area of such a mattress. A low level of motion transfer mattress somehow isolates movement.

A low-level motion transfer mattress, also called a motion isolation mattress, may likely have the depiction of a bowling ball nearby. These depictions or images show how having pressure on a side of the bed or mattress may not have serious effects on the remaining part.

You might sometimes observe that some business organizations claim to offer a mattress with zero motion transfer. One has to be careful with such claims as no mattress completely has motion transfer that is “zero”. When a movement occurs in one part, there is most likely going to be some form of energy distributed to some other sections of the bed or mattress. However, the point behind these statements is the fact that you won't be affected by your partner’s movements.

No Motion Transfer Mattress

What does a no motion mattress provide that a normal mattress lacks? Mattresses that offer the no motion transfer features not only provide motion isolation capabilities, but also offer comfort and support.

A motion isolation mattress is specially made to absorb the sleeper's movements to not interfere with their partner's rest. Finding a desirable zero movement mattress is always a priority for a lot of couples when seeking a new mattress.

Who Needs a Motion Isolating Mattress?

If you often share a bed, or plan to do so in the future with children, a spouse, or pets, you need a mattress that is great at reducing the transfer of motion. However, some persons who share a mattress actually need a motion-isolated mattress a lot more than what others need. Categories of people who need such mattresses include:

Light Sleepers

If you or a bed companion wakes up upon hearing the slightest noise, change in the color of light, or movement, a good way to get the desired relief is sleeping on a mattress with effective motion isolation.

When a mattress is flexible and spreads the energy of motion, light sleepers wake up when their partner makes a move. Not only that, but the light sleeper partner may start to show some signs of light sleeper because of the movement that spreads whenever his partner moves when he is awakened by noise or movement.

Partners with Different Schedules of Sleep

In a normal world, people under the same roof would usually go to bed and awake at the same time daily. This can help to reduce sleep disruptions, and give room for a healthy schedule of sleep for you and everyone around.

Unfortunately, this might not be the case for a lot of people. If you and your spouse go to bed or rise from bed at different periods, the objective should be to sort of reduce the risk of the other individual having some sleep challenges when their spouse gets to bed later, or awakes earlier than they do.

Light, noise, and movement or motion are the three major factors you would like to control here. If the mattress gets to move every single time someone comes in or leaves, it can be impossible not to disturb the other person's sleep. This has the tendency of causing daytime discomfort, poor work performance, and moodiness.

Sleepers Who Toss and Turn

Without an adequate mattress for isolation from movement, a restless spouse can occasionally bring even a great sleeper out of sleep. Change to a type of mattress that effectively absorbs movements to minimize the level of impact. You can also try a king-size type of mattress and keep blankets on each section of your bed, so your partner won't be bothered with your nightly exercise routine.

Sleepers Who Have Insomnia

Creating a desirable sleep environment is especially vital for individuals who are already struggling to sleep, and would like to feel happy and healthy.

Insomnia is capable of making it extremely challenging to enjoy a good night's sleep. Whether the insomnia sets in when you're trying to sleep, or deep in the night when you’re awake and can't return to bed, having to sleep on a mattress with high-level motion can worsen your insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia, and get to sleep on the bed with your spouse or partner, try changing to a motion isolation mattress to enable you to sleep much better.

Best Mattress for Couples

Why is a no motion transfer mattress the best mattress for couples? Nobody wants to disturb their partner when they're sleeping, and that’s why finding a mattress that offers no partner disturbance is a great idea if you are a restless partner. Not every couple is a perfect sleeping match, so many couples look for a mattress that meets both of their sleeping needs. A no motion mattress provides the proper individual support couples need, so that they can both sleep comfortably.

Best Mattress for Restless Sleeping

Why is a no motion transfer mattress also the best mattress for restless sleepers? Tossing and turning is a common sleeping problem for many people. Some couples even buy two separate mattresses just to get a good night’s sleep. While this isn’t the ideal sleeping situation for couples, it is often a top consideration, especially for those who need their rest for specific health reasons. Also, restless sleepers tend to get up a lot during the night, which can easily wake their partner.

Did you know that some sleepers toss and turn up to 60 times a night? It’s easy to see why the best mattress for a restless sleeping partner is going to be a no motion mattress.

Individually-Wrapped Coils are Key

There is a definite and distinct difference between individually wrapped coils and a continuous coil system. An individually wrapped coil system is one of the secrets as to why a zero motion transfer mattress works. When any mattress is made using quality crafted coils, that are each individually wrapped, it means it was built for superior support and comfort, while still offering the motion isolation so many couples need for a good night’s sleep.

Simply put – individually-wrapped coils are best when it comes to providing sleepers with the perfect amount of individual support they need when sleeping.

A continuous coil system as opposed to individually-wrapped coils will send any movements made by one sleeper, even minor vibrations, through the coils, which means this type of coil system is not able to localize a sleeper’s movements.

Types of Mattresses with Motion Isolation Capability

The different types of motion isolation mattresses are as follows:

Memory Foam

This type of foam provides great isolation from movement, making it the best material if you are sensitive to movement during sleep.


Latex mattresses can be a good or bad isolation from motion solution, depending on how they are constructed. How does a latex mattress feel? Dunlop latex does better isolation than Talalay latex.

Hybrids: Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are those made up of coils like the innerspring mattress and some inches of memory foam. A hybrid mattress is good choice for considering motion isolation.

Traditional Innerspring

Spring mattresses are designed as generally weak to moderate when isolated from movement. Bagged spools, which are individually wound spools, can result in better isolation from movement than traditional spring mattresses, where the spools are connected together.


These are better at isolation of motion than others. Double rooms can minimize the transfer of motion, making them suitable mattresses for couples. However, single chamber types of airbeds are not so desirable.

What are the Drawbacks of a Motion Isolating Mattress?

Motion transfer occurs differently from bounciness, which means that a bouncy type of mattress does not isolate motion effectively, while a non-bouncy type of mattress isolates movement in a much better way. Spring mattresses are examples of a mattress with high elasticity, and high-level motion transfer. Some individuals like the spring component that this mattress type provides. It can feel like extra support, and is a suitable feature for adults to have sex in bed.

Memory foam types of mattresses are opposite in functionality. They usually have a low level of bounciness, and little transfer of movement. The drawback in this is that some people can feel like they are getting sunk into the foam. Disadvantages of this mattress type are as follows:

Difficult to Get Out Of

Some people might face difficulty getting off mattresses that can isolate movement or motion. This can be problematic for elderly individuals, restless partners, or the injured because it brings about a difficulty in getting out of their bed.

Harder to Move in Bed

Memory foam mattresses can make you feel like you've sunk in, which makes repositioning more difficult at night.

Less of a Bouncy Feeling

High-motion insulation mattresses will have low elasticity. Some people like an air mattress for sex.

Less firm

The rebound that comes from spring mattresses offers a feeling of great support and firmness that is not matched by even the most solid memory foam.

What are the Best Springs for a Motion Isolating Mattress?

Individually-Wrapped Coils

This takes motion isolation to a higher level. Each spring is wrapped in some form of fabric sleeves, which supports each with the ability to connect with the body on an individual basis, rather than as a whole unit.

Since the said springs are physically linked together with something different from the comfort layers at the top, there is very little chance of transferring movement from one side of the bed to the other.

Offset Coils

The Offset Coils enhance the original Bonnell design, as their spring heads are all connected with pieces of thin wire (called helical lacing). This creates a hinging effect when pressure is applied, leading to better shaping, and less motion transfer.

What are the Worst Springs for a Motion Isolation Mattress?

The coils that bring about low motion isolation exist in two forms. They are Continuous coils, and Bonnell coils

Continuous Coils

As the name suggests, these types of coils are made from a single piece of wire, which has been molded into a series of S-shaped rings. They're built to act as a continuous unit, making them tough and durable, but a poor choice if reducing motion is your primary concern.

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell coil is the most popular type of spring available today. If you have an internal spring, your mattress will likely be made from Bonnell coils. They are also one of the oldest coil types, originally created for buggy seats around the 19th century. The thought of ​​motion isolation may have escaped your designers' minds, so if you've spent nights being awake with your partner while using Bonnell coils, it can be the cause!

Is a Higher Coil Count on a Mattress Better?

Absolutely! Not only does a higher coil count provide better body support and less motion transfer, but it increases mattress longevity, too. Look for a queen mattress and king mattress to have 400 and 480 minimum coils, respectively.

Is There Such a Thing as Zero Motion Transfer?

Sometimes you can find mattresses advertised as "zero motion transfer". Technically this is not physically possible.

Newton's third law says that every form of action attracts an opposite and equal reaction, which means that if your companion moves around in bed, there can be some level of motion that will be transferred to you.

However, don't be too doubtful of these mattress providers, as many of them may come very close to real zero motion transfer. That means, you won't have to be awake, and probably won't hear anything should your partner for any reason become awake at night.

Can a Mattress Topper Help With Motion Transfer?

One solution to motion transfer that doesn’t involve investing in an entirely new mattress or pair of mattresses is to just get a good mattress topper. Latex and memory foam in particular are really good at enhancing motion isolation, since these materials naturally absorb movements.

Eco Terra’s Mattress Topper for No Motion Transfer

The Eco Terra’s Mattress Topper offers luxurious comfort and support to sleepers as it’s made of the finest quality natural latex with no synthetics, no fillers, and no chemicals. You just need to place it on top of your mattress, for deep rejuvenating sleep.

These mattress toppers from Eco Terra are pillowy, soft and give just the right amount of soothing support for a blissful night’s sleep. With up to three inches of pure single-origin latex, you are assured of  relaxing pressure relief in any sleep position.

Eco Terra’s topper is uniquely made of wonderfully resilient single-origin latex, so it won't break down, and so it always go back to its original shape. Its single-origin natural latex feature helps to provide better distribution of body weight, reducing pressure points, and providing support to your shoulders, hips, back, and knees.

Eco Terra’s Hybrid Latex Mattress for No Motion Transfer

The Eco Terra Hybrid Mattress is handcrafted with pure, natural latex, a fabric-encased coil core, for optimal spinal support, and a soft, organic cotton cover, created with breathable organic cotton, and pure organic wool. It is free of chemicals, polyurethane, and toxins.

When you compare Eco Terra against other latex mattresses, the differences are clear. Each mattress is handcrafted from certified organic, single-origin materials with no harmful toxins or chemicals.

The all-natural latex and precisely calibrated coils in this best hybrid mattress type provide sleepers with the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and support, especially if you sleep with a restless partner. You get the unmatched comfort of natural latex, and the superior support, including edge support, that can only be achieved through uniquely heat-treated and stress-relieved steel coils. Your back, hips, and shoulders will fall into perfect alignment in any position, meaning that you get a deeper and more comfortable rest.

Eco Terra Mattresses

Fortunately, there are modern mattresses that can easily solve a number of sleeping issues, including tossing and turning in the middle of the night. The Eco Terra mattress is a high-quality mattress that can offer sleepers the perfect no motion transfer sleeping surface, due to the unique combination of individually wrapped coils. As a best hybrid mattress, the Eco Terra mattress is also a natural latex mattress, which means it's a safe mattress to sleep on.

Eco Terra mattresses are made using specially calibrated, fabric-encased coils that are specifically made to provide sleepers with the exceptional support they need. This also eliminates the partner disturbance, often caused by transfer motion. Each coil is precisely designed, so that it can provide sleepers with the perfect amount of support and buoyancy, which is needed for a restful night’s sleep.

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress is simply a supreme mattress choice. It’s simple – Eco Terra makes the best no motion mattress that offers sleepers a comfortable, supportive, and safe sleeping surface.

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