How to Ship a Mattress When Moving to a New Home

November 14, 2021

How to Ship a Mattress When Moving to a New Home

Congratulations on finding yourself a new home! As you plan to shift your belongings, you'll need to consider how to safely ship your mattress across the country without damaging it. Mattresses are fragile, and a good one can cost you a lot of money if damaged during its transport.

Here are some important tips to consider when you plan to ship a mattress.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Mattress to a New House?

Before deciding to ship your mattress to your new house, you need to determine how much it'll cost, and whether it's worth it to ship. Shipping the mattress involves costs, such as buying packaging supplies, and renting a moving truck or professional movers for the job.

The cost of shipping a mattress will also depend on the distance covered, and the size and average weight of the mattress. For instance, a long distance move will generally cost you more. You may spend an average of $400 or more on the total costs after considering all these factors and more. However, that could be a fair cost to ship a mattress if the mattress is relatively new, and its value is more than what you'd spend on shipping.

On the other hand, an old mattress isn't worth all the expenses, especially if it's older than seven years. It may be better to get rid of the old mattress, and order a new one instead. You could order a bed in a box mattress that comes compressed, and companies like Eco Terra often offer free shipping for these types of mattresses. They are easy to unbox, too.

How to Prepare a Mattress for Shipping

Now that you've decided that it's worth it to ship your mattress to your new living place, even if it is a long distance, it's time to make transport preparations. Here are the steps to follow while preparing your mattress to ship.

Disassemble the Mattress from the Bed

Of course, you need to remove bedding, including bed sheets, covers, pillows, and bed skirts, and pack those separately. You'll then separate the mattress and box spring, or remove it from the bed frame. Disassemble the bed frame if you plan to ship that as well, and ensure you keep the bolts and nuts secured in a bag.

Measure Your Mattress

Use a measuring tape to measure and record the length, width, and height of the mattress. These measurements will help determine the cost to ship a mattress. Similarly, you should also find out how much your mattress weighs, in addition to knowing the mattress size and dimensions.

This weight information can usually also be found in the original packing order receipt, or the manufacturer's website. You may also call the manufacturer's customer service to confirm the right dimensions and weight of the mattress if possible.

After measuring your mattress, you can wrap it in plastic or bubble wrap, then place it in a mattress bag to ship your mattress.

Mattress Measuring Tip

Remember that the materials a mattress is made of will also determine how much it weighs. For example, mattresses with a metallic inner core system, such as the hybrid and innerspring mattresses, are often heavier than memory foam mattresses.

Determine How Much it Costs to Ship a Mattress

The next step after preparing your mattress is contacting various shipping companies for shipping quotes to get the price to move your mattress. You can choose from the various transport service providers, such as UShip, FedEx, or any other of your choice.

The shipping company will request information such as the sender's and delivery addresses, pickup and delivery dates, and the size and weight of the mattress.

Types of Mattress Shipping Services

It's important to note that the shipping costs will vary depending on what the company offers. Basically, there are two types of mattress shipping services:

DIY Mattress Shipping

This method of shipping a mattress is often the cheaper option because you'll be required to play a part in preparing the mattress for shipping.

For example, the transport company may require you to ensure the mattress is wrapped correctly, and transferred to the curbside for pick up. In this case, the professional movers' main job would be to ensure that the mattress is safely shipped to its final destination.

White Glove Mattress Shipping Services

White glove mattress shipping mattress service is best for heavier mattresses that require specialized care during transportation to reduce the chances of causing damage to the expensive mattress. You can check the manufacturer’s website if you desire this service and the price they charge.

In white glove shipping, the professional movers take care of most of the work to wrap your mattress. This includes preparing the mattress for shipping, moving it to the truck, using packing foam, bubble wrap, packing tape, and indoor pickup and delivery services.

Once you have the shipping quotes, that may include a per mile fee, you can compare the prices, and decide which shipping company to hire for shipping the bed.

Plan for the Pickup and Delivery Dates

After finding the ideal service provider, you can proceed to schedule the pickup and delivery dates for your mattress and box spring. Each shipping company has its own guidelines on how the pickup and delivery will be conducted. For example, you may be required to drop the mattress at the company's facility for shipping, or pick it up from their outlet once the mattress has been shipped. This also depends on the type of mattress shipping services you choose.

Alternative Ways to Ship a Mattress

You can also choose to ship your box spring and mattress with these alternative methods:

Rent a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck is cost-effective if you plan to ship a mattress and box spring, among other furniture items. However, if you only need to ship your mattress, a truck to move a mattress would be expensive, since you'll need to pay for the entire space in the truck rather than the space your mattress occupies. The moving company will likely have a per mile fee.

Besides, you'll need to prepare the mattress as you would for shipping following the steps discussed earlier. Then, when ready, load your truck with all your packed items, leaving enough room for the mattress to lay flat.

When shipping your mattress, avoid placing anything on top of the mattress, as that would ruin its ability to bounce back. You can then drive your belongings safely to your new residence.

Rent a Moving and Storage Container

Renting a moving container is a cheaper alternative to moving a box spring and mattress, especially if traveling across the country to another state. Here is how renting a moving container works.

  • You contact the moving company, letting them know the size of the container you need to rent, and for how long. You can choose a size big enough to accommodate most of your belongings for packing, or rent more than one container.
  • Depending on your agreement with the company, you may have the container delivered to your doorstep, or access it at the company's facility.
  • You'll then fill the container with your belongings at your own convenience until you're ready to move.
  • When ready, contact the company for pick up, and have it delivered at the final destination.

It's important to avoid placing any heavy objects on top of your mattress while inside the container, even if you wrap your mattress. If possible, fit your mattress into a box to ensure it doesn't take too much space in the container.

Hire Professional Moving Services

Professional moving services may cost more depending on the number of items being moved and the company's services. For example, you'll pay more if the professional movers help you disassemble your bed and prepare your mattress for shipping. However, this option will save you the time and hassle of all the steps you need to take while moving your mattress, along with other household items.

How to Dispose of an Old Mattress

If your mattress isn't worth shipping to your new living place, you can choose to dispose of it, and purchase a new one. Here's how to dispose of your old mattress.

Recycle the Mattress

Rather than sending the mattress directly to the landfill, you can opt to repurpose parts of the mattress, such as the foam padding, springs, and fabric. For example, the foam padding can be used to make the perfect bed for your pet, while the metallic coils can be converted into beautiful décor.

Donate the Mattress

There are several mattress donation companies you can contact to find out how to donate a mattress. Depending on their policies, you may need to deliver the mattress to their facility, or arrange a pickup.

Resell the Mattress

You may be able to fetch a few dollars from your mattress if it's not too old. Consider posting the mattress on online marketplaces to attract buyers from your local area.

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