Natural vs. Synthetic Latex Mattresses

August 17, 2021

Natural vs. Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Are you currently shopping for the best organic latex mattress? Great choice! Latex mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses sold today. While shopping, you will learn that there are different types of latex mattresses and each one has different qualities.

It's important for you to look at the materials inside of each mattress, along with the certifications. Make a list of the mattresses that include the quality of materials and certifications that you desire and compare prices.

Latex Mattress Benefits

Sleeping on a latex mattress provides many benefits, which is why latex mattresses are one of the top selling mattresses today. Latex is a resilient material and it is often a recommended mattress choice for those who experience various types of pain.

The reason? Because latex mattresses are the best mattress to provide sleepers with the perfect amount of cushioned support and spinal alignment. Proper support, while sleeping, can relieve, and even eliminate, pressure point pain, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Latex mattresses ensure sleepers have the ideal amount of cushioned support and spine alignment. Proper sleep support could relieve pressure-point pain, and even remove it, allowing for a smooth sleep. Latex is a resilient material and sometimes is a recommended mattress decision by chiropractors and other doctors for those suffering various types of pain. Latex mattresses are very popular among people with problem spine alignment - which is one of the reasons they are one of the top selling mattresses in the world today.

Types of Latex Mattresses

It's important to know that there are different types of latex mattresses: natural and synthetic or blended. You should understand the differences between each type buying a new latex mattress.

Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex is acknowledged for its durability, stability and reliability. It is resistant to dust mites and it is antifungal, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The natural latex purification and how much of a filler there was plays a role in making it a longer lasting material. The higher the percentage of natural latex, the healthier and safer the mattress.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about natural latex mattresses:

Is natural latex safe?

Yes, natural latex is considered to be safe because natural mattress making methods and materials are used.

Is natural latex toxic?

Natural latex is not toxic at all.

Do natural latex mattresses off gas?

Natural latex mattresses do not off gas, because they do not contain any chemicals.

How is Natural Latex Made?

Natural latex is made with harvested sap from rubber trees, a completely natural process. Natural latex is extracted through sap collected from rubber roots and is free of synthetics. Raw liquid latex is picked from tropical rubber trees and converted to foam without adding synthetic latex. Latex is grown in planted tropical environments mostly in southeast Asia. Natural latex has an elasticity not found in petroleum foam and varies but simultaneously pushes back providing pressure relief and supporting both at the same time.

The rubber milk gets collected from cutting from the bark of the rubber branch. In this case, Talalay latex is light and bouncy. A direct vulcanization process occurs which treats the rubber with sulfur and heat.

Is organic and natural the same thing?

Organic latex is made of naturally occurring natural latex and is made with no artificial ingredients during the process.

Organic latex is natural latex and combines the same feeling and sleeping performance as natural latex.. USDA organic - certification is required by the USDA to demonstrate that agricultural operations are using only approved substances in farms that protect natural resources.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) introduced a standard for organic latex specifically in the sleep product sector. The latex used as bedding materials is experiencing tremendous growth as it has a luxurious feel and benefits in addition to their health benefits.

Synthetic or Blended Latex Mattress

Synthetic latex was then made from petroleum compounds in an attempt to replicate the molecular structure of natural latex; it was an early type of plastic. In part, the continuation of plastic materials revolutionized  how foam made and transformed the mattress industry.

While latex was always available to bedding industry, it fell from favor for “new-technology” yet cheap foams of today. But, as consumers became increasingly more aware and educated in the products they consume and surround themselves with latex continues to rise.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Synthetic latex breaks down faster than natural latex and can exhibit a tendency to offload (release products in the mattress) Synthetics also tend to have problems with moisture which can develop into over. The naturally made latex mattress is the clear option when it comes to safe, sustainable, long-lasting bedding items.

Likewise, synthetic mattresses are great options for somebody suffering from allergic reactions to different chemicals or skin irritations. Synthetic mattresses are usually cheaper,  but they're also less springy and tend to lose the durability. So there is definitely a tradeoff.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about synthetic or blended latex mattresses:

Is synthetic latex safe?

A synthetic latex mattress might not be considered safe to sleep on. Why? Because there are a number of toxic chemicals used to create synthetic latex mattresses, making these types of mattresses unsafe to sleep on. Manufacturers will instruct you to let the mattress air out for a few days, in order to release all of the harmful chemicals, and then it will be safe to sleep on. However, the off gassing will still continue in undetectable amounts.

Is synthetic latex toxic?

The fact that synthetic latex mattresses are made using toxic chemicals makes it toxic.

How is synthetic latex made?

Synthetic latex is made using two petroleum based compounds – styrene and butadiene. While both of these compounds could be enough to cause someone serious harm, many synthetic latex mattress companies add even more toxic chemicals during the actual mattress making process.

Do synthetic latex mattresses off gas?

Yes, synthetic latex mattresses do off gas, due to the chemicals in the mattress and the volatile organic compounds which disburse into the air that you breathe.

Top Latex Mattress Compliments

Here are the top latex mattress compliments, expressed by sleepers, after sleeping on a latex mattress for anywhere from a few months to 12+ years.

The latex bed is super comfortable!

Sleepers found the pressure point relief they needed when sleeping on a high-quality, natural latex mattress. Their pain was either reduced or eliminated.

There are absolutely no smells or bad odors.

Sleepers who choose a natural latex mattress chose to sleep on a safe mattress, which means no toxic chemicals are used. Healthy mattress choices are becoming more popular with each day that passes.

The motion isolation feature offers a more peaceful sleeping experience.

The best latex mattresses offer motion isolation, which means when one person moves it doesn’t disturb the other. This is a top mattress selling feature for sleepers.

My natural latex mattress is almost 12 years old!

Natural latex mattresses are proven to last longer than other mattresses, including synthetic or blended latex mattresses.

Latex Mattress Complaints

Here are 3 common latex mattress complaints from sleepers. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to each complaint, since most latex mattresses are completely customizable.

The latex mattress is too firm.

Solution? Choose a medium or medium-firm latex mattress.

Latex mattresses sleep too hot.

Solution? Make sure the mattress has a thin, breathable, certified organic cotton mattress cover or none at all (just the cover it comes with).

Latex mattresses are heavy.

Solution? Choose a latex mattress with a premium encased coil core. It will allow you to experience the feel of natural latex, with a lighter core.

Mattress Buying Guide?

While you may think you need a mattress buying guide to find the best latex mattress, the only guide you really need is the Internet. Since you already know that you want to buy a latex mattress, simply make a shortlist of the natural latex mattresses that meet your needs and compare them to make your final decision.

Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattresses are made using all natural latex. The mattress provides optimal spinal support with a soft, organic cotton cover, created with breathable organic cotton, and pure organic wool. No chemicals. No polyurethane. No toxins.

They should be included on every latex mattress list!

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