Best Mattress for Edge Support

July 14, 2021

Best Mattress for Edge Support

When you are searching for a new mattress, have you considered how the edge of the mattress would play a part in your sleep? This lesser-known aspect of mattresses is actually extremely important, not just in your sleep, but also in the physical health of your body, including joint and muscle care.

Find out how just one aspect of your type of mattress is actually one of the most important parts, and why you need it.

What is Edge Support?

Edge support has two factors: the material that surrounds the innerspring mattress, and the amount of resistance around the mattress edge. The mattress can be supported by many things, including extra coils, foam, or steel rods. Essentially, it is an added layer at the edge of your bed that supports you with the extra ability to handle pressure.

Why Does Edge Support Matter?

Edge support is important for a variety of reasons, regardless of mattress type.  For one, it prolongs the life of your mattress, supports your body and your sleep, and can keep it stable. But there are additional benefits to edge support, including having pressure relieving support at the edge. This small aspect of your mattress can make big differences in certain factors.


Edge support adds an extra layer of protection, especially for the elderly in getting in and out of bed. Having additional edge support will help as your body begins to give you joint and muscle trouble as you get older.


The more you weigh, the more support you need in your bed. Your weight puts significant pressure on your bed, so extra support is crucial not just to the longevity of your mattress, but to the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping Position

If you sleep in a certain position, such as back and stomach sleepers do, edge support may be a deciding factor in whether or not you get good sleep throughout the night. If you’re one of those back and stomach sleepers, you’ll need a surface that will help your spinal alignment, so edge support will be important in your mattress choices, irrespective of mattress type.

What Are the Benefits of Edge Support?

There are several advantages of having the best mattress for edge support, regardless of your sleeping position or mattress type, including the below.

Prevents Sagging

One of the signs of needing a new mattress is that your old one sags, and it is not providing firm support. There are many ways to prevent sagging, but it cannot be fixed. Once you see that your mattress is sagging, there are temporary solutions, but not a long-term one. In fact, you likely need a new mattress. Having edge support on the side of the bed will help you not only prevent the sagging, but also prolong the life of your current mattress.

Helps Your Joints and Muscles

Have you ever gotten out of bed, and can feel your body yell at you? Then you need the best edge support. Edge support lessens some of the motion you need to get out of bed, and therefore, lessens the strain on your body. The extra strain on your body obviously affects your physical body, but also your mental and emotional health when you’re in pain or cannot get a good night’s sleep.

Added Comfort

One of the biggest perks of mattress edge support is that it keeps your mattress from sagging. Not only does that keep the shape of your mattress longer, but it is also more comfortable.  Not having a sagging mattress will allow you to have more rest throughout the night.

More Space

Having edge support can also provide your bed (and you) with additional space. If you have a foam edge, whether on memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses, you can potentially increase your mattress area by 20%. If you have to share a bed with a space hog, this is a definite plus.


Edges on the bed are also helpful for those who choose to sit, rather than lay, on a bed. These edges help people who have difficulty getting out of bed due to pain or injury. For those who do have issues getting out of bed, the best edge support provides you a stable place for you to sit and prepare before getting out of bed.

Safety and Security

Better edge support on the side of the bed provides you exactly that: support for your shoulders and hips. If you are a restless sleeper, edge support is crucial. It will help to protect you from falling off the bed. The barriers provide an extra layer of security in ensuring you sleep well throughout the night.

Why do Mattresses Sag or Collapse on the Edges?

It is natural for a mattress to sag or begin to collapse on the edges if it does not have the best edge support, and it is towards the last days of its mattress life. If your mattress is in the prime of its life, sagging on the edges is not normal. However, there are many reasons why it could be sagging.

No Edge Support

Like anything, if it does not have enough support, it will begin to collapse. Mattresses are no different. Depending on how your mattress is made, your mattress may not be able to withstand extra pressure. With no extra reinforcement, it can become misshapen, and begin to sag.

Human Weight

The body weight of a human can affect how much a mattress sags. Like any soft surface, putting a lot of weight on it can cause it to misshapen. Think about weight in terms of 8 hours of sleep. Body weight, plus 8 hours, is a lot of long-term pressure, especially if the human weighs more.

Excessive Pressure

Additionally, even if it is less body weight, such as with a child, excessive pressure, such as jumping on it, can also cause damage.

Sleep Location

Where you sleep also affects your mattress shape. If you sleep closer to the edge of the bed, your bed will lose shape and support there quicker. Sleep closer to the middle, or get a mattress with the best edge support to ensure good sleep over the years.

Children and Pets

Do you have a child or pet who sleeps in your bed? That can cause sagging, too. Your children and pets jump on the bed, as well as lay on it for longer periods of time. That all causes some of the structural integrity to drop.

Sitting on the Edge

Did you ever sit on the edge of the bed to tie your shoes, put on clothes, or just to talk? We all do. But, we do not realize that sitting there is detrimental to our mattresses. The pressure and weight eventually take their toll on the edge, causing it to sag.

Will My Mattress Come with Edge Support?

If you are wondering if you need edge support, think about the type of mattress you want. If you have a mattress that has inner springs or a coil system, you will need edge support for durability and longevity purposes.

Keep in mind, not all mattress types need edge support.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses do not need edge support. Because of the gel-infused memory foam material and memory foam layers, they will not sag. The best memory foam mattress should last you longer than traditional mattresses.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are another type of mattress that do not need edge support. One of the benefits of latex is that it is super flexible, and provides firm support for sitting, jumping, and sleeping on a mattress. Latex foam layers are naturally bouncy, and therefore, perfect for durability and pressure.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses, like the Eco Terra Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress, contain edge-to-edge support that lasts, making them one of the best hybrid mattress on the market today when compared to the best memory foam mattress.

How are Mattresses with Edge Support Constructed?

Mattresses, including gel-infused memory foam, are made from a variety of materials. However, with edge support, they are made of three different things:

Metal Coils

These are not the same ones that you often see in the regular part of the mattress. These are specific, even heavier, coils that help with the edge. It might make the edge of the mattress feel firmer, but that is the extra support.

Steel Rods

The cheaper the mattress, the more likely it is to have steel rod edging. They are more cost-friendly, but they are certainly not as durable. Steel rod edging actually holds the risk of bending with too much pressure, which essentially defeats the purpose of the edging.


For durability and comfort, foam edges might be for you. It is malleable, so it conforms to higher weight, but it also returns to its sturdy nature. It is the best option for heavier weight, and longer sleep times.

Quantum Coils

These are premium upcycled steel coils have been stress-relieved and heat treated, providing long-lasting edge-to-edge support.

What do I do if My Mattress Edge Has Collapsed?

Unfortunately, a collapsing mattress is something you need to prevent because once it happens, there is not much you can do about it. When you do see a dip, do not panic. It is natural for a mattress to dip and sag a bit, especially after body weight is placed on it. It is the amount of indentation and how long it continues where you need to monitor, especially if you’re looking for long-lasting firm support. If it is sagging significantly in the middle, that is sad. If it is indented in multiple spots, it likely is a result of your body’s imprint.

If your mattress is beginning to sag, especially on the edges, you can add temporary solutions, such as a putting a piece of plywood on your bed frame, adding pillows or foam under the mattress on the edges, or flipping your mattress (though newer mattresses are not flippable as the backside is often supported). However, the keyword is temporary. Once your edges or the mattress start sagging, it will be time to start looking for a new mattress.

How do I Find the Best Mattress That Provides Edge Support?

If you do start to look for a new mattress type at a certain price point, make sure edge support is number one on your list of things to look for, and this is ideal for side sleepers who sleep near the edge of the bed. This should be in the form of a coil system close to the edge, which will ensure that your new mattress not only has good edge support and pressure relieving properties, but will prevent another sagging mattress you have to replace.

As mentioned before, edge support, on a medium firm mattress for example, will also provide you the ability to ease on and off of the mattress, assist in maintaining your joint and bone health, as well as provide you a better night’s sleep.

Where do I Find a Mattress That Has Excellent Edge Support?

What if we told you that you can have a bed where:

●      the soft, top layer relieves pressure on your body

●      the second layer with fabric-encased steel coils help to reduce motion transfer, and provide additional support

●      a perimeter with steel coils leads to excellent edge support

If that sounds too good to be true, it is not. It’s actually an Eco Terra mattress that comes right to your house in a box. That’s right -- you can have a mattress that is not only helpful to your body, but with a great edge support system, delivered right to your home. Similar to individually-wrapped coils, each Eco Terra mattress spring is encased with food-grade polypropylene fabric that is both non-woven and non-toxic.

About Eco Terra Mattresses

Eco Terra does not just have a mattress that provides you the overall support you need, but it also has many other qualities you did not know you needed at a affordable price point.

Environmentally Friendly

Were you aware that your mattress gives off chemicals? That it may be made with formaldehyde? Who wants to sleep on that? Eco Terra mattresses are chemical-free, polyurethane-free, and organic, allowing them to receive many best mattresses awards. They are made out of natural latex with organic, natural cotton, and wool. We care about our customers and the earth!

Clear and Transparent

We all know we do not get enough of that from companies. When you buy something from another company, you don’t always know what is really in the items we are buying. With Eco Terra, transparency is key. All their quality material tags are clear, visible, and accurate.

Firmness Options

The Eco Terra natural latex hybrid mattress comes in two firmness options: medium and medium-firm. This means you can be sure you have one of the best mattresses that provides you with your preference in terms of support and pressure relieving characteristics.

Support American Workers and Communities

Eco Terra is not only located in California, but all items are made by local craftsmen and through local manufacturing using quality materials. Our products are made in the community, and we provide jobs to the local community.

Want You to Feel Comfortable

Eco Terra knows that mattresses can be expensive, especially natural ones. But Eco Terra doesn’t want you to sacrifice comfort and quality materials because of money. In fact, Eco Terra partners with sustainable farmers and craft in-house to cut the middleman cost out. That means, an affordable, quality product without the added costs.

When you look for a best hybrid mattress, whether choosing a medium or medium firm mattress option,  you’re looking for comfort and price. But you also want to look for edge support. It can be a deciding factor in whether or not you get good sleep throughout the night, and if your mattress will last you a long time.

Purchasing a mattress can be an expensive investment so make sure you do it right the first time so you can focus only on sleep for the next decade. If you want to do it right the first time (and you should), contact Eco Terra to find out more about our edge-supported mattresses.

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