Do You Need a Mattress Topper with a Latex Mattress?

August 24, 2022

Do You Need a Mattress Topper with a Latex Mattress?

How well you sleep at night depends on a variety of factors: your activity, your sleeping environment, your sleep habits, the food you eat, your mental health, and much more. Unsurprisingly, the feel of your mattress is also a major factor that plays into how comfortable you are at night, whether you get restful sleep if you sleep through the night, and how you feel waking up.

Getting a high-quality mattress that suits your specific needs is vital when trying to improve your sleep, and maximize your comfort and support at night. However, sometimes you buy a mattress, and either it’s not what you expected, or it’s just not quite right. Even the best mattresses may not be the exact right feel you need to get the best possible sleep at night. For example, a firm mattress may be a little too firm for you, and a soft one can be too soft.

Furthermore, when buying a new mattress made from a material you’ve never slept on, you may wonder if it’s best to opt for a mattress topper, too. That’s why some people wonder if you need a mattress topper with a latex mattress specifically.

Mattress Topper

Fine tuning the feel of your mattress is the biggest reason many people opt for mattress toppers in addition to their mattress. It allows you to change the feel of your mattress to maximize comfort and support.

Do You Need a Mattress Topper for a Latex Mattress?

If you’re new to latex mattresses, you’re in for a treat if you purchase one from us at Eco Terra. We offer only the highest quality, supportive, and comfortable latex mattresses around. Although we’re confident in our mattresses, we understand that everybody sleeps a little differently, and everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and support.

Therefore, in the following article, we’ll try to answer this question for you, and help you decide if you need a mattress topper with a latex mattress.

What is a Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers lie directly on top of your mattress to change the feel of your bed. They come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and mattress topper materials. If you have a mattress that doesn’t give you good quality sleep, then you might consider using a mattress topper. Or, if you use a mattress that is too firm or too soft, you may also want to use a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers come in many different feels. If you have a bed that is too soft, and doesn’t offer enough support, then you will want a firm or medium-firm mattress topper. If your mattress is too firm on the other hand, there are plenty of soft mattress toppers that will make your bed feel more comfortable and plush.

Types of Mattress Toppers

As we mentioned, there are a variety of different types of mattress toppers. The type of mattress topper depends on the materials used to craft it, and the material plays a vital role in how the mattress feels, and how durable it is. So, just like there are different types of mattresses, similarly, you can find different types of toppers.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is a common material used in both mattresses and mattress toppers. Memory foam is widely known for its ability to conform to the body of the person lying on it. Memory foam usually provides a softer feel for sleepers. However, it is not known for its durability, and can trap heat, making people feel hot at night.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Gel-infused memory foam toppers have the same feel as regular memory foam toppers; however, the gel in the gel-infused memory foam topper allows you to sleep cool at night.

Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress toppers are ideal for temperature regulation. They keep you cool during the summer, warm during the winter, and also help to wick away moisture. They usually soften the feel of the mattress, and make the bed feel more luxurious and plush. However, natural wool mattress toppers can compress over time, and require regular fluffing and shaping to maintain the same feel.

Microfiber Mattress Toppers

Microfiber mattress toppers are an affordable option. They add a little bit of softness to the mattress at a lower price. However, they are less durable than other mattress toppers.

Down Mattress Toppers

Down mattress toppers are great for temperature regulation, and adding a fluffy, plush feel to the bed. However, they don’t provide ample support, and they flatten out easily.

Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex mattress toppers are quickly gaining popularity. Latex mattress toppers tend to provide added comfort and support to any mattress, along with a variety of other benefits. They are made from latex foam, which is supportive, springy, and comes in a range of firmnesses. Latex mattress toppers are also hypoallergenic, made of durable materials, help with temperature control, and repel bugs and dust mites. Read on to learn more about latex mattress toppers.

What Makes a Good Mattress Topper?

A good mattress topper is one that is made with a number of factors:

High Quality Materials

High-quality materials suited to you what kind of feel you desire from your bed. If you want to significantly change the feel of your mattress, you might opt for a latex or memory foam mattress topper, rather than a wool or down topper.


Also consider the thickness of the topper. If you a slight change in the feel, a thinner 2-inch topper will do the trick, while a 3-inch latex topper will more significantly change how supportive the bed feels, as well as the comfort level.


The firmness of the mattress topper is incredibly important when you consider which one to get. Mattress toppers are far from one-firmness-fits-all. Remember, an important reason to use a mattress topper is to make the mattress feel more firm, or more soft, all the while adding support while you sleep. So, if your bed is too soft, consider a medium-firm or firm topper, and if your bed is too firm, opt for a soft latex mattress topper.


In the end, a good mattress topper is one that changes your bed to the right feel, comfort, and support you need to get the best possible sleep.

Downsides to Mattress Toppers

Although mattress toppers are great, there are some downsides to consider when buying a mattress topper. Also, keep in mind that all mattress toppers aren’t the same, so just because you didn’t like one doesn’t mean that you should give up on mattress toppers altogether. Nonetheless, here are some potential disadvantages to using a mattress topper.

New Sheets

If your sheets and/or mattress pad tightly fit your mattress, you may need to purchase new ones to allow your mattress topper to fit underneath. Mattress toppers add extra height to the bed, so you’ll need sheets that can accommodate the extra layer.


Some mattress toppers may move around through the night, or over time. They can shift to one side of the bed, or bunch up. Usually, this happens with thinner and lighter toppers, or if they are under loose-fitting sheets. In either case, it can be bothersome and uncomfortable. If you do get a mattress topper that moves around on the bed, consider tightening your sheets by using sheets with a tighter fit, or better securing the fitted sheet on all sides of the mattress.

Can You Use a Latex Mattress Topper on a Non-Latex Mattress?

Putting a latex mattress topper on top of a non-latex mattress may not produce the same effect as it would on a latex mattress. So, if you have a memory foam mattress, for example, a latex mattress topper may not be ideal. In addition, if you’re considering a latex mattress topper to fix the sags, lumps, or divots in an old or low-quality mattress, a latex topper, or any topper, will not fix the problem. A saggy mattress will still sag with a topper on it, even if there is still some improvement. Keep in mind that toppers are used to change the feel and comfort of a mattress, not keep you from replacing an old or uncomfortable mattress.

In this case, you will want to completely replace your old mattress. While a new latex mattress topper will help on a sagging mattress, it will not be able to perform as well as it would on a new latex mattress. Furthermore, keep in mind that once you do purchase a new mattress, your latex topper will extend its lifespan, but it can’t extend the lifespan of an existing mattress that already needs to be replaced.

Mattress Toppers on Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses do not require a latex mattress topper, or any mattress topper. Toppers provide extra comfort and support, all the while changing the bed to a softer or firmer feel. Whether or not you need a mattress topper with your latex mattress depends solely on your preference, and the mattress you buy.

If You Buy a Latex Mattress, Should You Use a Latex Mattress Topper?

If you have a latex mattress, then you should stick to a latex mattress topper. A latex mattress topper will complement the support and comfort of the latex mattress underneath, and allow your topper to provide maximum comfort, support, and pressure relief. While you can try using a topper made from a different material, like memory foam, you may not receive the same benefits as you would from a latex mattress topper on a latex bed.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper Quality

You want to make sure the quality of the latex foam in the latex topper is high. High quality latex toppers are made from 100% natural and pure latex, and contain no synthetic latex or fillers.

Also, you can find organic latex mattress toppers that go the extra mile to ensure your health and comfort! Synthetic latex is made from harmful chemicals, and it’s not eco-friendly, so always opt for natural latex. The best latex mattress toppers are made from the best mattress topper materials.

Types of Latex

There are two main types of latex in latex toppers: Dunlop latex and Talalay latex.


Dunlop latex is very popular because it is durable, sturdy, and dense.


Talalay, on the other hand, is a little bit lighter, and more airy. That being said, the biggest factor that will determine how the latex mattress topper feels is firmness.


Latex mattress toppers' firmness is paramount when making choosing a latex topper, so pay attention to firmness levels, and the firmness of your own mattress. Stick to softer latex mattress toppers if your mattress is too firm, and firmer ones if it’s too soft.

Body Weight

Also, body weight may affect what type of firmness is best for you. People under 130 pounds often prefer a softer feel, while those who weigh more than 130 pounds sometimes prefer a medium-firm mattress, or mattress topper. Finally, people 230 pounds or over may feel most comfortable on a firm mattress. That being said, everyone is different, so when choosing a latex topper, consider the firmness level that makes you feel most comfortable, and supported.


The thickness of the latex topper is a big factor in changing the feel of the bed. If you only need slight cushioning, and no major changes in the feel of the mattress, consider a thinner topper. If you want to significantly change the feel and support of the bed, opt for a thicker topper.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position is very important when considering a mattress topper. Your sleeping position affects what pressure points your bed engages while you sleep, along with your spinal alignment, and much more. If you ever wake up sore from sleeping poorly on a mattress, it could be because your bed doesn’t properly support your sleeping position. While a good mattress should support you no matter what, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers may find more comfort if they choose a thicker latex mattress topper to allow their shoulders and hips to sink further into the topper before hitting the mattress.

Back and Stomach Sleepers

Back or stomach sleepers may find that a thinner mattress topper over an existing mattress is best to achieve the right support from their mattress.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the best benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress and latex mattress topper. Latex is excellent at gently cushioning and supporting the body during sleep, while redistributing your body weight, and providing significant pressure relief.

Also, latex, unlike memory foam, has what is called “low point elasticity”. This means that a larger surface is affected by the compression of your body weight, allowing it to effectively redistribute your weight across the bed. This gives many sleepers the floating-on-a-cloud sensation.

Eco Terra Mattress Topper

The Eco Terra latex mattress topper is the ideal latex mattress topper for any and every type of sleeper. This latex topper is a 100% natural latex mattress topper, made from the finest quality natural latex. Synthetic latex and filler are never included, so you can rest assured that this topper is both eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

Plus, the Eco Terra natural latex mattress topper comes in three levels of firmness: soft, medium-firm, and firm, so that every type of sleeper can find the right feel. In addition, it comes in 2-inch and 3-inch thickness levels, so customers can decide how much they want to change the feel of the bed, and choose the thickness that is best suited to their needs.

Lastly, our latex toppers are hypoallergenic, come in every size from twin to Cal King, come with a 5 year warranty, and ship free to your door. Order an Eco Terra natural latex mattress topper today, and start getting the deep and rejuvenating sleep you deserve!

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