Eco Terra Awarded Top Mattress in Vast Array of Categories

March 13, 2020

Eco Terra Awarded Top Mattress in Vast Array of Categories

Here at Eco Terra, we’re proud to present our bountiful collection of awards we have received for our high-quality mattresses. Our dedication to be the leader in eco-friendly sleep offering mattresses with no toxins, no chemicals, no offgassing and no polyurethane, makes our mattresses rise to the tops of lists ― again and again. The current count of awards sits at just under 50 that Eco Terra has accumulated over the last few years. Eco Terra is hailed as the “Best” in many categories as described below.

  1. Best Mattress for Back Pain - Tuck

Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress is proud to be named by one of the Web's premier and highly-trafficked mattress review websites, Tuck.com, as the "Best Organic" mattress for back pain. Tuck points out Eco Terra's multiple firmness options, a huge plus for back pain sufferers, along with its exceptionally resilient design, long lifespan, and contouring comfort that alleviates pressure points. Tuck highlights the Eco Terra as a recommendation for those looking for responsiveness, cool sleep, sturdy edge support, and for value seekers because of the attractive price point.

  1. Awarded Top Hybrid Mattress - BestMattresses.com

Eco Terra is excited to announce that our hybrid latex mattress recently made the list of BestMattresses.com's Best Hybrid Mattresses 2021. Best Mattresses emphasized the durable and responsive nature of our latex comfort layer, the fact that there is excellent temperature control because of our breathable construction, the advantage of it being made from organic and natural materials, and that we offer two firmness options. All of these perks are offered at an excellent price point.

Best Hybrid Mattress

  1. Awarded Best Organic Mattress Available on the Market - Mattress Reviewed

The Eco Terra natural latex mattress was awarded the best organic mattress available on the market by Mattress Reviewed. If you're looking for a 100% natural latex mattress with individually-wrapped coils and an organic cotton cover, this mattress is for you. It's extremely effective for your spinal alignment, pressure relief, and a deep super softness sensation that will create a cooling surface for your body.

  1. Voted One of the Best Latex Mattresses - SleepFoundation.org

SleepFoundation.org voted the Eco Terra natural 100% natural latex hybrid mattress as being one of the best latex mattresses. It has a pleasing comfort layer of Talalay latex, and is ideal if you prioritize ease of movement and bounce on your bed. It's the best mattress for budget shoppers who are value-driven. It features a GOTS-certified organic cover, and a GOTS-certified organic wool layer underneath. The layers provide breathability and comfort

Eco Terra Best Latex Mattress

  1. Best Organic Mattress - Sleep Help

Eco Terra received accolades by Sleep Help for its natural 100% latex hybrid mattress as being one of the best organic mattresses around. It's natural Talalay latex provides elegant bounce and contouring. It boosts edge support with strong perimeter coils, and Sleep Health highlights that the mattress comes in Medium and Medium-Firm choices. Plus you receive a 15-year limited warranty, and 90-day sleep trial. It's great for environmentally conscious shoppers, since the materials are all well-sourced.

  1. Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Mattress Review Center

The highest-quality recommendation goes to Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress for individuals suffering with scoliosis. The premium mattress provides you with hybrid construction, and strikes the ideal balance between support and comfort for your spinal conditions. It combines the support of springs, motion-isolation of foam, and buoyancy and responsiveness of latex. Perfect for back and side sleepers who are looking for ultimate comfort. The Mattress Review Center highlights that reviewers love this responsive and adaptive mattress.

  1. 10 Best Mattresses for Snoring - Sleep Kozy

Do you or your partner snore? Sleep Kozy ranks Eco Terra's natural 100% latex mattress as one of the 10 best mattresses for snoring. It provides a simple hybrid latex design, so you can sleep great. It comes with a thick, natural Talalay top layer, and fabric-encased coils. It supports the perfect sleep experience, and offers a great bouncing sensation. Eco Terra uses only top-notch materials, and doesn't skimp out on quality. You receive a 15-year warranty.

  1. 5 Best Latex Mattresses - Memory Foam Doctor

Memory Foam Doctor awards Eco Terra for having one of the five best latex mattresses out there. Eco Terra's natural 100% latex hybrid mattress is quite impressive. It's constructed with 100% natural latex, contains an individually wrapped coil layer, and is healthy for the environment and you because it has no off gassing. Memory Foam Doctor highlights that this Eco Terra mattress is made with GOTS certified cotton, the mattresses cover is hypoallergenic, super soft, and exceptionally supportive. It also notes that 85% of users give it a 5-star rating, and owers rank it as 9.2.

  1. Best Mattresses for 20-Somethings - Earn Spend Live

Reviews at Earn Spend Live note Eco Terra's natural latex hybrid mattress is one of the best mattresses for 20-somethings. It's a supportive mattress that comes with a medium price range. It's very comfortable, and combines natural latex and small coils that bring plushness and firmness. Earn Spend Live reports that you can toss and turn all you want on this no disturbance mattress, and it won't disturb your sleeping partner.

  1. Best 11-Inch Luxury Latex Mattresses - Sleep Mentor

Sleep Mentor announces the 100% natural latex hybrid mattress by Eco Terra to be one of the best latex mattresses around. It contains no additives, fillers, or chemicals, and this means there's no off-gassing. It provides great motion isolation, and medium firmness. The encased coils in the fabric help decrease potential partner disturbance and motion transfer. It's supportive, which allows you to feel hugged and cradled, no matter which position you're sleeping in. Sleep Mentor notes the Eco Terra natural latex hybrid mattress has a decorative pinstripe quilt made from cotton, which is not only soft to touch, but comfortable to lie on, too.

  1. 5 Best Latex Mattresses for 2019 - Natural Mattress Finder

The Eco Terra mattress is a 100% natural latex hybrid mattress that's perfect for people on a budget, and rated by Natural Mattress Finder as being one of five best latex mattresses for 2019. The mattress's core is constructed with a base fabric layer of encased coils on the top, resting on a three-inch natural Talalay latex layer. It comes with an organic cotton cover, and provides motion isolation, support, and airflow. Because each coil is independent, you don't get that "roll together" sensation like you do with interlinked coil systems.

  1. 14 Best Organic, Eco Friendly and Natural Mattresses in 2020 - Citrus Sleep

Awarded one of the 14 best organic, eco-friendly, and natural mattresses in 2020 by Citrus Sleep, the Eco Terra 100% natural latex hybrid mattress hits the "just right" feeling.  It's constructed with 100% natural latex that lies on top of encased coils, giving it a second-to-none supportive and comfortable feel. The organic cotton cover has a soothing soft touch that you could probably get away with not even using sheets. The mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, and is OEKO-TEX certified.

  1. The 15 Best Hybrid Mattress For 2020 - Citrus Sleep

There's nothing like getting a good night's sleep on a latex mattress, especially if it's a Talalay like the Eco Terra natural latex hybrid! According to Citrus Sleep, it's one of the 15 best hybrid mattresses for 2020.  If you're suffering with shoulder or back pain, you'll immediately feel the difference. The latex provides a level of support no other mattresses do. And, when you combine it with the individually wrapped coils, it is amazing. It's a hybrid that's constructed of natural ingredients. The natural wool works like a chemical-free fire barrier, too. The cover is GOTS certified organic cotton.

  1. Amazing Rating on Sleep Advisor - Sleep Advisor

Sleep Advisor gives the Eco Terra latex and coil 100% natural latex and hybrid mattress an amazing rating. You can use the mattress on any solid surface, this includes the floor, frames, or slatted bases. It comes with a certified organic cotton cover and wool fire barrier, which helps promote temperature regulation. It is 11 inches in height, too.

  1. Rated in the Top 20 Best Luxury Mattresses in 2020 - Super Comfy Sleep

Rated in the top 20 best luxury mattresses in 2020 by Super Comfy Sleep, the Eco Terra 100% natural latex, hybrid mattress is reasonably priced, despite all its wonderful features. With its impressive durability, amazing features, and overall classy and elegant look, you must absolutely try this mattress out. You even get a 90-day sleep trial to see all of the benefits for yourself. Super Comfy Sleep consists of a team of expert researchers who have a passion for quality sleep products.

  1. Top 20 Best Latex Mattresses of 2019 - Super Comfy Sleep

The Eco Terra 100% natural latex 11-inch hybrid mattress made the top 20 best latex mattress of 2019 list by Super Comfy Sleep. This is because it's an extremely classy and elegant bed. This is the type of mattress that will keep you home in bed snug and comfortable, instead of a night out with your friends — it's that comfortable. It's a better alternative to memory foam, according to what other reviewers are saying. This mattress also has no off-gassing, and is constructed with natural materials.

  1. Top Best Latex Hybrid Mattress of 2020 - Super Comfy Sleep

Rated the top best latex hybrid mattress of 2020, the Eco Terra Natural Latex king mattress  is made with 100% natural latex.  It's premium-quality made, allowing you to experience contouring and buoyancy while you sleep. It feels like you're floating on air, and reduces the discomfort of resistance at different pressure points of your body. With superior construction, fabric-encased coils, and no irritation-causing chemicals or harsh dyes, this mattress fits the bill.

  1. Top 15 Natural Latex Mattresses in 2020 - Super Comfy Sleep

If you're having problems sleeping every night, you may want to try the Eco Terra Natural 100% Latex mattress that's rated in the top 15 natural latex mattresses of 2020 by Super Comfy Sleep. This Eco Terra mattress is durable and strong that delivers comfort to each part of your body as you sleep. It's also eco-friendly, featuring GOTS-certified cotton. It minimizes partner disturbance, and provides long-lasting comfort.

  1. Best Natural Latex Mattress - Budget Option - Sleeping Ninjas

Sleeping Ninjas gives a thumbs up to Eco Terra for their natural 100% latex hybrid mattress, saying it's the best natural latex mattress budget option. It's high-quality, hand-crafted natural latex that has a coil support system, which offers the best firm and comfort support. On the firmness scale, it's rated 5.5 out of 10, which makes it perfect for all sleep positions. It offers gentle support for the sleep surface, and its individual fabric encased coils offer incredible responsiveness and best support to prevent any movement disturbance all night long.

  1. Most Affordable Chemical-Free Mattress - Sleeping Ninjas

The 100% natural latex hybrid mattress from Eco Terra made the "Most Affordable Chemical-Free Mattress" list by Sleeping Ninjas. It's supported by an individually-wrapped coil layer. It has a 16 gauge steel inner section with 15 gauge steel coil stiffened edges. And, an organic cotton cover stretches over it. Each layer is constructed to provide the mattress with breathability throughout. It comes in medium and medium-firm levels, meaning it has a 5.5 rating. Perfect for all sleeping types.

  1. A Top 10 Latex Mattress - Our Homes Magazine

Our Homes Magazine highlights Eco Terra's 11-inch natural latex mattress as being on the top 10 list for latex mattresses. It's affordable, and made with 100% natural latex. The Eco Terra 11-inch twin XL natural latex hybrid mattress offers an optimal sleep experience, providing resilience and buoyancy for a good night's sleep. With outstanding comfort, this mattress reduces the feeling of resistance around the pressure points of your body. It's individual coils underneath work like a solid support network, and provide necessary lift for keeping your spine in adequate alignment. It's a wonderful sleeping system that enhances your REM rest, which helps make your night the perfect opportunity for a restorative, deep sleep, so you can have a productive next day.

  1. 10 Amazing Mattress For Scoliosis - Our Home Magazine

Kudos was given to Eco Terra by Our Home Magazine for its natural 100% latex hybrid mattress. Cozzy rates it as one of the 10 amazing mattresses for scoliosis. Eco Terra prides itself for offering eco-friendly mattresses, and the Luxury Hybrid Mattress makes this evident. It comes with a soft, GOTS certified organic cotton cover that's free of harsh dyes and chemicals. It's breathable and hypoallergenic, ensuring a cool and restful night's sleep. It comes in two levels of firmness, and uses a two-layer 100% natural latex top design with fabric-encased springs underneath, providing you with the best pressure relief, and most comfortable sleep at night.

  1. Best Latex Mattresses of 2020 - InsideBedroom

Independent reviewers from InsideBedroom selected the Eco Terra natural 100% latex mattress as one of the best latex mattresses of 2020. The 11-inch thick mattress is constructed with latex and fabric encased coils. There's no off-gassing or other health risks. You still receive undisturbed isolation from your partner sleeping next to you, and the mattress comes with 98% 4 to 5 star reviews. The natural latex offers a great sleeping platform with pressure point support and natural buoyancy. They note there aren't any additives used during the manufacturing process, either.

  1. Best Mattress for Arthritis Best in Support - Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time rated Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress as the best mattress for arthritis, and best in support. This all-natural, luxurious mattress combines coils and latex foam together that provides an outstanding standard of support. It comes in two levels of firmness, and various sizes from Twin to King. It's durable because of its coil system. The coils are wrapped individually, which reduces motion transfer. For individuals with arthritis, this mattress provides a balance of pressure relief, soft comfort, and firm support. It's also a great mattress for eco-friendly shoppers.

  1. 10 Top Rated Natural Latex Beds - Mattress Digger

Eco Terra's natural latex hybrid mattress made it to Mattress Digger's 10 top rated natural latex beds list. It's made with 100% natural latex and foam encased-coil springs. It's organic cotton cover adds more comfort to the mattress. The fabric-encased coils ensure motion isolation, allowing you and your partner to sleep undisturbed. The coils are calibrated specifically for providing proper pressure relief, allowing you to sleep in any position. All the materials used in this mattress last longer and are of higher quality than other latex mattress brands.

  1. A Top 3 Mattress for Scoliosis / Best Quality - Upon a Mattress

Reviewers at Upon a Mattress rate the natural 100% latex hybrid mattress by Eco Terra as a top 3 mattress for scoliosis. It provides the perfect balance between support and cushion, and combines the buoyancy of latex and motion isolation with supportive springs. It's great for all types of sleepers who demand support and comfort. It's healthy for your lungs, and eco-friendly. A lot of other synthetic mattresses have off-gassing, and use chemicals. Eco Terra's hybrid mattress has a fabric lining that's made from plant-based latex and certified organic cotton.

  1. Best Mattress for Sciatic Pain - Upon a Mattress

Upon a Mattress chose Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress for being the best mattress for sciatic pain. The hybrid design incorporates a contouring latex foam layer and steel coil-wrapped springs. This combination provides comfort and sturdiness. It's a good middle ground between pressure relief and support that fits any style of sleep. Since it's a great mattress that keeps your spine happy, it's very appealing to individuals with sciatica. Upon a Mattress likes how the Eco Terra mattress combines supportive springs, and the buoyancy of latex with motion isolation.

  1. A Top 10 Mattress for 2020 - Top 10 Best Mattresses

According to Top 10 Best Mattresses, Eco Terra's natural latex hybrid mattress makes the top 10 mattress list for 2020 with a score of 9.2. It combines coils with innerspring foam. It's supportive and comfy, and constructed with natural latex. It's made in America, and comes with an organic stretchy cotton cover. Underneath the cover is a memory foam layer made totally of 100% natural latex. The core of the mattress is underneath that, and is constructed of small individually-wrapped coils. You also receive a 90 night money-back trial.

  1. 12 Best Natural and Organic Mattresses - Bright Sleep

The distinct honor of 12 best natural and organic mattresses was given to Eco Terra by Bright Sleep for its 100% natural latex hybrid mattress. This mattress is constructed of all-natural latex that's on encased coils, providing you comfort that's second to none. The organic cotton cover has a cooling, soft touch, which creates a pleasant sleep environment. The mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, and is OEKO-TEX certified. Bright Sleep is a big fan of the Eco Terra mattress because it’s a chemical-free mattress containing only non-toxic chemical flame retardants, and it uses an environment-friendly barrier constructed with plant fibers.

  1. Top 5 Natural Latex Mattress / Best on Amazon - Sleeping Culture

SleepingCulture gives a thumbs up to Eco Terra for offering the top 5 natural latex mattress - the Luxury 100% natural latex hybrid mattress. It has fabric-encased coils that help minimize motion you feel from your sleeping partner. The combination of coils and latex are a perfect alternative to memory foam, but doesn't give that sinking feeling. The coils form to your body, and create comfort. It's 26% more durable than foam, keeps you from rolling into your partner during the night, and comes with a 15-year warranty. Sleeping Culture ranks the Eco Terra Natural Latex Mattress as the best on Amazon.

  1. Best Organic Mattress - Sleeping Culture

The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Eco Terra received the best organic mattress reward by SleepingCulture for being the perfect mattress option for individuals seeking an environmentally-friendly alternative to a standard hybrid mattress. It's constructed with 100% natural latex, along with fabric-encased coils. It offers a medium-firm feel, and 11 inches of thickness. The soft foam backing adds additional comfort. It's perfect for side sleepers.

  1. Best Eco-Friendly Mattress - Sleeping Culture

Sleeping Culture rates Eco Terra's 100% latex hybrid mattress as the best eco-friendly mattress. It's handcrafted from non-toxic, natural materials. It combines the support of isolated coils with the conforming comfort of latex to deliver the perfect level of pain relief and spine support. This hybrid mattress is not only eco-friendly, but it's also priced affordably, and it comes with a 90-day trial period.

  1. Best Mattress for Sciatica - Sleeping Culture

The Best Mattress for Sciatica was presented by Sleeping Culture to the 100% natural latex hybrid mattress by Eco Terra. It's made of coils and latex, and offers a medium firmness level. This provides a great balance of comfort and support. It comes in many sizes, ranging from twin to king, and it's 11-inches thick, which is ideal for most people.

  1.  A Top 10 Mattress for Sciatic Pain - Sleep Reports

Awarded a top 10 mattress for sciatic pain, the Hybrid Latex Mattress by Eco Terra helps with your sciatica pain. It combines an outer layer of natural latex foam, and a supportive innerspring core. So, you receive the "best of both worlds" between the conforming abilities of latex, and the support and bounce of an innerspring mattress. It's a great option if you're seeking something hypoallergenic and cool, too.

  1. Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers - Sleep Junkie

Eco Terra's eco-friendly mattress contains 100% organic and natural cotton, wool, and latex, and was awarded the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers by Sleep Junkie, who has been showing its readers the value of good sleep since 2012. The latex over encased coils provides you with a responsive feel. It's a great mattress for the environmentally-conscious customer. It's cotton cover has a soft texture, and is GOTS certified. It covers a layer of ECO-INSTITUT Standard 100 certified aerated latex foam, meaning it's free of harsh chemicals. Plus, latex is much bouncier than memory or poly foams, but it still contours to your body. The encased coil layer independently flexes to target your pressure points.

  1. Best Budget Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers - Sleepei

Sleepei highlights Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress as being the best budget latex mattress for side sleepers. It has a 3" 100% natural Talalay latex layer, and an organic cotton cover. It contours to your body, has fabric encased coils, and is hypoallergenic. It's 11" in height, and offers a medium firmness level. Made in America, this mattress cradles your body, and provides you with buoyant support. So, it helps you achieve a restorative night's sleep, and supports you in any sleeping position.

  1. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain - Slumber Secrets

Slumber Secrets picks Eco Terra's natural latex hybrid mattress as the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain. It offers the perfect combination of latex and coils, and is made to absorb pressure, providing you with a soft and stable base. When you wake up, you'll feel refreshed and relaxed, and the structure might help your shoulder problems, too. There are two firmness levels - medium-firm and medium. When it comes to shoulder pain, firmness can be a detriment; however, you should avoid a mattress that doesn't give you neck and spine support you need for sleeping comfortably on your side. This mattress provides the ideal balance of firmness and softness.

  1. Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain - Sleepare

Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress was rated by Sleepare as being the best mattress for lower back pain. It provides you with a healthy night's sleep at a reasonable price. It's hybrid construction makes your bed supportive and comfortable. It has outstanding pressure-relief, and is the best mattress out there for low back pain. It's made with organic latex, which is nature's secret for comfortable, deep sleep. It's eco-friendly, organic, natural, and antimicrobial - a great choice if you're suffering with allergies.

  1. Best Back Sleeper Mattress - My Sleepy Ferret

My Sleepy Ferret highlights Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress as being the best back sleeper mattress. It has a 3" plush natural talalay latex layer, and fabric-encased premium individually-wrapped coils. With a medium or medium-firm firmness rating, it's the best fit for back sleepers. It has an organic cotton fabric cover. Plus it helps reduce motion disturbance because of the fabric-encased coils, so you won't feel your partner move during the night. My Sleep Ferret notes that the Eco Terra natural latex hybrid mattress is a great alternative to memory foam, since you don’t get that quicksand feeling.

  1. 5 Best Latex Hybrid Mattresses for Bouncy and Cushioned Sleep - My Sleepy Ferret

The 100% hybrid latex mattress by Eco Terra receives the award for 5 Best Latex Hybrid Mattresses for Bouncy and Cushioned Sleep by My Sleepy Ferret. It comes with 100% latex that's built for responsive support and comfortable buoyancy. It offers minimal motion transfer bounce because of its supportive fabric-encased coils. It contains no harsh chemicals or dyes, and is hypoallergenic. It has appealing pink pinstripe organic cotton fabric that's elastic and breathable, and works great with any adjustable bed base.

  1. Best Top Rated Organic Natural Latex Mattress - Nerd Sleep

Eco Terra's Luxury Latex Mattress is constructed with plant-derived, 100% hypoallergenic natural latex comfort layer. It's organic cotton fabric enhances its pinstripe, breathable design, providing the ideal sleep surface, and making it perfect for complete relaxation. Eco Terra's mattress has fabric-enhanced coils for long-lasting comfort, and each of the coils is calibrated individually, providing you with enhanced support while doing away with sharp pressure points.

  1. Top 10 Best Mattresses Under $1,500 - The Gander Better Life

The Gander Better Life announces Eco Terra's 100% natural latex hybrid mattress is on the top 10 best mattresses under $1,500 list. This mattress doesn't use any adhesives or fillers, and there's no off-gassing. Couples like this mattress because of its motion isolation properties. Partners remain comfortable when the other tosses and turns. The latex foam increases its elegance, doesn't give you the quicksand feeling, and is a great alternative to memory foam. All materials are antimicrobial, and naturally hypoallergenic.

  1. Best Innerspring Hybrid Latex Mattress - Nestmaven

The Eco Terra Luxury latex mattress is perfect if you like experiencing an innerspring mattress feel. Nestmaven even rated it the best innerspring hybrid latex mattress. If you seek the cooling cushioning of latex, but want an innerspring mattress's stability, this is the bed for you. This hybrid mattress features natural materials with no blends or fillers, and a good layer of latex that sits on top of an innerspring layer. It's also more affordable than other hybrids and latex beds. It also comes with a gorgeous organic cotton cover.

  1. Top 3 Best Mattress Under $1000 Reviews - Home Reviewed

The elegant Luxury latex hybrid mattress by Eco Terra was placed on the top spot for best mattress under $1,000 reviews list by Home Reviewed. It's a truly comfortable bed that features 100% natural latex. The mattress is dust mite resistant and anti-microbial, and is made with hypoallergenic, plant-derived latex and fabric-encased coils. It offers you support for all your body pressure points that normally would keep you uncomfortable and wake you at night. It also doesn't transfer motion, and is form-fitting.

  1. Best Queen Mattress Under $1,000 - The Sleep Shop

If you haven't slept on a natural latex mattress before, you'll want to try the Eco Terra Luxury natural hybrid mattress that made it on the best queen mattress under $1,000 list by The Sleep Shop. This mattress contains wool, latex, and cotton, and is the perfect mattress if you're concerned about chemicals. It form fits your body nicely, but doesn't keep lasting indentations like memory foam mattress users often experience. And, there's nearly no motion transfer. The Sleep Shop writes, the Eco Terra mattress “is among the best out there!”

  1. Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress - TryMattress.net

Eco Terra's Luxury natural latex hybrid mattress was rated by independent reviewers at TryMattress.net as being the best latex coil hybrid mattress. When sleeping on it, you experience both the buoyancy and contouring of latex.The latex decreases the discomfort of resistance at different body pressure points. The encased coils provide great support, and helps keep your spine in perfect alignment. It contains no harsh dyes, nor chemicals either.

  1. Top 10 Best Latex Mattresses - Disturbmenot

Reviewers from Disturbmenot note the 100% natural latex hybrid mattress by Eco Terra is among the top 10 best latex mattresses due to its simple design and outstanding comfort. It has a supportive core that contains individually-encased coils, which help keep your spine in healthy alignment, no matter what sleeping position you're in. The natural Talalay latex provides exceptional pressure relief, but you won't sink into it deeply like with memory foam. There's also an organic cotton and wool cover. It's a perfect mattress for hot sleepers because of the materials used in it. Latex doesn't retain heat, and the wool and cotton cover is very breathable.

  1. Best Budget Latex Mattress - SleepDelivered.com

The Eco Terra 100% Natural Latex Hybrid mattress made top choice by SleepDelivered.com as being the best budget mattress. It's a hybrid, eco-sensitive mattress that uses a two-layer construction with individually-wrapped springs below, and latex foam on top. It provides you with soft pressure relief for your shoulders, joints, and hips. Your weight is supported by the individually-wrapped springs, which contour your body, ensuring natural alignment. It's a surprisingly affordable mattress that offers you nice bounce, and outstanding support and overall comfort.

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