Eco Terra Mattress: Medium vs Medium-Firm

November 14, 2020

Eco Terra Mattress: Medium vs Medium-Firm

When shopping for a mattress, many people are on the prowl for things like "100% latex", "natural organic cotton", or "sustainable products." And, these are all amazing qualities in a mattress. But, another important element is the firmness level. To obtain the best quality sleep, you'll want to sleep on a mattress that provides you with the absolute best level of firmness for your personal preferences and needs. Eco Terra mattresses offer you a couple levels of firmness.

Two Levels of Firmness: Medium Firm and Medium

With Eco Terra mattresses, you can choose between medium-firm and medium firmness levels.

  • The medium-firm mattress has an Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of 29-31.
  • The medium has an Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of 24-26.

Both levels of firmness are crafted with one seamless 3" 100% natural latex Arpico layer.

What is Indentation Load Deflection (ILD)?

ILD measures the level of softness or hardness the memory will be. It's measured by the amount of pounds of pressure required to indent a 4" thick piece of memory foam by 25%. ILD testing is performed by applying pressure on a space of 50 sq. inches. The required amount of pressure is then turned into weight. The ILD number you may notice on different mattresses is that weight.

You'll frequently see the ILD rating detailed in a range. For instance, you'll see a range like 10 - 12, instead of a single number. The reason for this is because ILD ratings can slightly vary depending on how conditioned the memory foam has been, or the environment it's been stored in before being tested. Humidity and moisture are a couple factors that could influence the measurement's slight variation, which is why a lot of retailers show the ILD rating in a range format. So, if a mattress comes with a 12 rating, this means it would take 12 lbs of pressure in order to indent the mattress by 25%.

Eco Terra Mattress: Medium vs Medium-Firm

When you have two available levels of firmness, it ensures there's an option for almost all sleep positions and body types. Responsive coils and buoyant latex relieve pressure points, and keep the spine in alignment.

  • The Eco Terra medium firm mattress helps to relieve pressure better for people who weigh less than 130 lbs and sleep on their side, since the softer latex cradles the body, and cushions the pressure points. While this option is conforming, it doesn't offer the same feel as that of memory foam. You won't feel "hugged" by the comfort layer, or sink into the mattress deeply.
  • The medium level of firmness, for a hybrid mattress, provides you with above-average pressure relief. The Eco Terra medium mattress is a better fit for stomach and back sleepers. Its comfort latex system offers a strong level of support for these types of sleepers, and reduces lower back pressure.
  • The Eco Terra medium mattress, on a firmness scale from 1 through 10 with 10 being the most firm, receives a rating of 5. This option uses softer Talalay latex, which makes it a conforming comfort system.
  • The medium-firm is a 6 on the firmness scale. It uses a firmer talalay latex comfort system, resulting in a firmer and less contouring feel.

Why Eco Terra Mattresses?

Both the medium-firm and medium firmness level mattresses provide you with the same benefits:

  • Superior quality. All Eco Terra mattresses are handcrafted in-house, ensuring your new mattress will be supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting.
  • Certified organic wool. Naturally flame-resistant and temperature regulating organic wool used in Eco Terra mattresses are GOTS certified, and contain no chemicals. It's unique properties tackle mildew and dust mites, providing you with a restorative, fresh sleep each night.
  • Certified organic cotton. Eco Terra sources organic, pure cotton to provide you with an unbelievable, supremely soft plush texture. It's GOTS certified organic cotton is free from pesticides and chemicals, and is moisture-wicking and cool, creating a truly inviting sleeping surface.
  • Single-origin natural latex. Both Eco Terra's medium and medium-firm mattresses utilize single-origin natural latex, providing you with ultimate comfort as well as pressure-relieving, advanced coils to offer support without disturbing your partner.

The only way you’ll be able to understand an Eco Terra’s hybrid latex mattress’s revolutionary comfort is by sleeping on one yourself. Whether you prefer a medium mattress or a medium-firm mattress, you can enjoy a 90-night in-home trial to experience natural, quality sleep yourself.

Have more questions about the Eco Terra mattress? Check out our FAQ’s.

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