How Much Latex is in a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

August 05, 2022

How Much Latex is in a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Latex foam is a common component of high-end hybrid mattresses because of its unmatched benefits. For example, it reinforces support to properly align a sleeper's spine, ensuring they sleep comfortably. In addition, it improves air circulation around the mattress, resists allergens, reduces motion transfer, and gently cuddles the sleeper's body. Not many mattress foams accomplish all these benefits, making latex the all-time favorite mattress material for most hybrid mattress manufacturers.

Because of all these benefits, you may wonder how much latex makes up ideal hybrid latex mattress. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers disclose the contents of their hybrid latex mattresses, making it difficult to make an informed decision. For this reason, it's important to know a thing or two about hybrid latex mattresses before investing in your new mattress.

What is a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Simply put, a hybrid mattress is a blend of two different mattress models. This multilayered bed combines the traditional coil springs support system, and comfort layers made of mattress foams, such as latex or memory foam. The result is a supportive, buoyant, comfortable, and durable mattress with numerous benefits to sleepers.

Hybrid mattresses have flooded the market. However, not all of them consist of latex foams and individually-wrapped coils. As a result, shopping for a hybrid latex mattress is not always that easy. To avoid frustrations and confusion when shopping for a hybrid latex mattress, you need to know what makes up a true hybrid latex mattress, and the types of hybrid mattresses on the market.

What are the Components of a Hybrid Mattress?

Mattress manufacturers design their hybrid mattresses differently by combining design elements from different mattress models. However, their structural frames are often similar.

The components of a latex hybrid mattress can comprise of a variety of layers, including:

The Coil Support Core

The coil support core layer is where you find the old-school innerspring mattress coil system. However, unlike the traditional designs, these innerspring mattress coils have individual fabric casings to allow the springs to move independently.

As a result of the coil support core, this layer promotes even weight distribution by responding differently to the pressure to improve spinal alignment. In addition, these coils improve air circulation around the mattress.

The Transition Layer

Some hybrid mattresses have the transition layer while others don't. Usually, this layer consists of a thin foam that cushions the pressure on the support core.

The Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is the topmost layer of the mattress. The contents of this layer vary depending on the manufacturer's design. However, memory foam and latex foam are the most popular materials found on this top layer.

The top comfort layers purposely provide pressure relief and comfort to the sleeper. For this reason, the thickness and firmness of this layer vary from one hybrid mattress to another, to suit different sleepers.

The Pillow Top

The pillow top is the outer layer of the mattress, including its certified organic cotton cover, measuring about one or two inches thick. The breathable organic cotton cover is usually sewn onto the comfort layer to cushion the sleeper, and keep all the mattress components in place.

Pros of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have many advantages, including:


Hybrid mattresses have better air circulation than most mattresses. This is because of the spaced spring coils in the support core. Given that this section covers more than half of the mattress, it provides sufficient ventilation to keep the sleeper cool through the night.

Hybrid latex mattresses are even better at breathability, thanks to the temperature regulation properties of latex. This foam has an open-air structure that dispatches heat from a sleeper's body, keeping them cool all night.

Superior Support System

A hybrid mattress has reinforced support that keeps the sleeper's spine in proper alignment. This is because the coils are resilient enough to withstand heavier weight. In addition, the spring coils even out the sleeper's weight all over the mattress.

A hybrid mattress also perfectly balances support and comfort. Firstly, the coils respond incoherently to pressure from different mattress parts. This reduces motion transfer, and allows the mattress to contour the sleeper's body.

Secondly, most hybrid mattresses have a plush comfort layer to balance off the support core. As a result, these mattresses are bouncy, but don't have the quicksand effect on a sleeper.


Hybrid latex mattresses have an average lifespan of about 7 to 20 years, while high-end ones last longer. This is because a latex hybrid latex mattress consists of the most durable materials found in mattresses. For example, some hybrid latex mattresses can last as long as 15 years, thanks to the durability and resilience of latex foams.

Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid memory foam mattresses are also popular hybrid mattress models on the market. They have the same structure as hybrid latex mattresses. However, they differ in many ways.

Here's how these two hybrid mattresses compare.


Latex foam and memory foam have opposing cellular structures. While memory foams have closed-cell systems, latex foams have open cells. As a result, latex foams dispatch heat from a sleeper's body, enabling them to cool down while sleeping.

On the other hand, memory foams trap heat in the closed cells, making the bed too hot. For this reason, hybrid latex mattresses are the best choice for hot sleepers.


Because latex foams come from nature, they are more durable than artificial memory foams. As a result, latex hybrid mattresses can last twice as long as memory foam hybrids.

Edge Support

Both memory and latex foam hybrids have excellent edge support. This feature makes it easier for sleepers to get in and out of bed, and keeps the bed in the right shape for a long time.


A memory foam mattress contains chemical additives and polyurethane foam, which emit small quantities of VOC gasses when new. As a result, you may need to air your new hybrid memory foam mattress for a few hours before using it.

On the other hand, latex hybrids are natural and chemical-free and don't need time to air before use. Therefore, these mattresses are ideal for allergy-sensitive sleepers and they are healthier to sleep on.

How Much Latex is in a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Latex foam is the main component of the comfort layers of hybrid latex mattresses. Usually, the comfort layers take up a third of the mattresses and may have more than one strip of latex foam.

The ideal hybrid latex mattress has at least 2 to 3 inches of latex foam. However, the foam's firmness depends on its density and type. Generally, a Dunlop latex foam feels firmer than the Talalay latex foam. And synthetic latex foam has a couch-like feel to it.

Although these three types of latex foams have the same advantages, they differ significantly in durability. Both Dunlop latex and Talalay latex foams last longer because they are made using natural latex. However, synthetic latex foams consist of 30 percent natural latex, while the remaining portion is made of rubber-like synthetic material.

As a result, synthetic latex disintegrates faster, reducing the lifespan of a mattress by several years. In addition, Dunlop latex and Talalay latex foams are eco-friendly, while synthetic latex emits smelly off-gassing odors, and pollutes the environment when disposed of.

How Much Latex is in an Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Most sleepers can hardly tell what their mattresses contain. This is because some manufacturers don't disclose such information to their customers. Instead, they only claim that their mattresses have natural products, but don't go into details.

But that's not the case with Eco Terra Beds.

Our mattresses have a label indicating all the contents used in manufacturing them. Note the image of the mattress tag detailing the components allocation. We believe that our customers deserve to know what exactly they are buying, and how these contents improve their sleep quality.

Our Hybrid Latex Mattress has a 3-inch layer of 100% natural Talalay latex. This latex foam makes up 73% of the total weight of the inner materials of its natural latex mattress (full size). We source our latex from a single origin of sustainable farmers to avoid impurities or blends that may compromise its quality. In addition, our latex has the ECO-INSTITUT Standard 100 certification, which further proves that our mattresses have no hazardous materials.

This generous layer of natural latex has numerous benefits. For instance, it provides soothing pressure relief, supports proper spinal alignment, and regulates the sleeper's body temperature. In addition, the natural latex mattress foam comes as a single seamless layer, instead of multiple thin layers, reducing the chances of breaking down too soon. As a result, our mattresses last longer than the ordinary hybrid mattresses on the market.

The hybrid mattress also contains organic wool (21%) and cotton batting (6%). Both materials have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS certification as well or global organic latex standard (GOLS) certification, eliminating doubts about our mattress's purity. In addition, our mattresses have no chemical adhesives, additives, or synthetic blends. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the irritating off-gassing odors or allergic reactions when sleeping on this mattress.

Lastly, this hybrid latex mattress consists of up-cycled quantum coils. To prevent premature sagging, we use heat-treated and stress-relieved coils. In addition, each spring is individually encased with food-grade fabric, allowing them to move independently. This enables the coil springs to balance the sleeper's weight on the bed, and improve air circulation through the hybrid latex mattress.

The spring coils also have edge-to-edge reinforcements to improve edge support, and the mattress's longevity. These reinforcements also ensure that the coil springs offer just the right amount of give to provide sufficient support to the sleeper.

Who Should Choose a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

A hybrid latex mattress may not be for everyone. However, this mattress solves many comfort-related problems most sleepers have, improving their sleep quality.

The hybrid latex mattress may be ideal for you if:

You're a hot sleeper. The fabric-encased coils and latex foam increase airflow around the mattress to keep you cool.

You love the traditional bouncy feel. This mattress is buoyant, thanks to the spring coils and the responsive latex foam.

You're looking for pressure relief. The latex and spring coils are an excellent combination for pressure relief.

You're looking for spinal support. Because the coils move independently, they enable the mattress to contour around your back, keeping your spine aligned properly.

You're a side sleeper. This mattress relieves pressure on the shoulders, neck, hips, and joints while side sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions sleepers ask about hybrid latex mattresses include:

How is a Hybrid Latex Mattress Different from a Latex Mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines the coils system of the traditional innerspring mattress and comfort layers made of different materials such as latex foams. On the other hand, latex mattresses are mattresses made using several layers of latex foams, and have no spring coils.

Is it Difficult to Unbox a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

No, unboxing a hybrid mattress is very easy. For example, unboxing Eco Terra's Hybrid Latex Mattress requires three easy steps.

But first things first, it is important to note that the mattress comes compressed in a small box, making it easy to carry from your doorstep to the room.

Here are the three steps to follow:

  1. Place the box on your bed a
  2. Cut it open.
  3. Unroll the mattress, let it decompress to fit it onto the bed, and enjoy your sleep.

What does it Feel Like to Sleep on a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Many sleepers describe sleeping on a hybrid mattress as floating on the clouds. Fortunately, this isn't far from the truth.

The coils in a hybrid mattress are springy yet supportive. Despite the bounciness, the mattress controls motion transfer, allowing sleepers to toss and turn peacefully on their bed, without affecting their partner.

In addition, the soft cushioning of the comfort layer is known for easing pressure on the contact points, and supporting the spine.

Do Hybrid Latex Mattresses Need Box Springs?

You don't need to use your hybrid mattress with a box spring base. All you need is a foundation bed with adequate support. For example, you can use your Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress on slatted bases, platform beds, adjustable bases, and orthopedic foundations.

Do All Hybrid Mattresses Have Latex?

Not all hybrid mattresses have latex foams. Some have memory foams, gel memory foams, poly foams, or other blended mattress materials. If you're looking for a hybrid latex mattress, you must check for the legal label on the mattress to find out what the mattress contains. This label is a legal requirement informing customers of the contents of the mattress.

Can You Buy a Hybrid Latex Mattress Online?

Yes, you can purchase your ultimate hybrid latex mattress online. For instance, the Eco Terra Hybrid Mattress is available on Amazon. Alternatively, you can purchase this mattress on our website and enjoy $300 off every mattress currently. Always remember to check for certifications, like the Global Organic Textile Standard and Global Organic Latex Standard.

The Bottom Line

Finding a true latex hybrid mattress in a market saturated with varying models may be complicated. For this reason, you must be sure of the components of a hybrid mattress before buying. However, you shouldn't just take the manufacturer's word for it. Instead, you need to know more about the hybrid latex mattress to help you make an informed decision.

Eco Terra Beds makes that easy for you by attaching a legal label on all our mattresses. This label discloses all the components of the mattress, and their percentages as required by law. In addition, it proves the authenticity of the mattress and the manufacturer's commitment to ensuring you have a safe and natural bed to improve your sleep quality.

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