The Eco Terra Mattress Refer A Friend Program

February 15, 2023

The Eco Terra Mattress Refer A Friend Program

Have you been telling your family and friends how amazing your new Eco Terra mattress is? If you’re enjoying the wealth of benefits that come with your mattress, such as more energy, less pain, and rejuvenating sleep, the odds are good.

But what if you could get rewarded for sharing the love? Now you can! It’s true. Eco Terra is proud to announce our mattress referral program that rewards you when your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and more buy our mattresses. 

Share your love of Eco Terra with your friends and family. They'll get a better night's sleep and both of you will receive $25 Amazon gift cards.

Here are a few common questions you may have about our referral program:

How can you get started referring your friends?

It’s easy. When you purchase an Eco Terra Mattress, you will receive an email with your own unique referral code.

Then your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share your code far and wide. You can share it at work, through email, via text message, and even on Facebook and Twitter to help your friends enjoy their rewards as well.

When is a referral considered complete?

The referral is completed once the 90-night trial ends on a qualifying purchase.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for the referral program?

In order to qualify for the referral bonus, purchases must be for $500 or more.

Must the referred complete the 90-day trial for you to receive your bonuses?

Yes. The referred must complete the trial, and keep their mattresses in order for you to both receive your bonuses.

Is there a limit to the number of bonuses you can receive?

No limit whatsoever. Refer every friend, relative, and coworker you have, and get your $25 Amazon gift card for every one that buys.

Who tracks your referrals and rewards?

Eco Terra and you will both be able to view your referrals that have completed the 90-night free trial, so you always know when your rewards are on the way.

How long before you’ll receive your $25 Amazon gift card?

Once triggered, after completing the 90-night trial, the rewards will be sent to you and your friends. You should have your reward within a matter of days.

Excited about this news? There’s no time like the present to begin earning your Amazon gift cards by referring your friends and family to the Eco Terra Mattress family.

Reach out to us at 1-888-605-0096 if you have any other questions about the Eco Terra Mattress Refer A Friend program.

Patrick Gunther

Patrick is an accomplished writer. He has been in the retail mattress space for the past 13 years, and more specifically in the natural mattress niche. He blogs on the subjects of natural mattresses, sleep, health, fitness, and green living.