Is a Latex Mattress Hot to Sleep On?

July 23, 2020

Is a Latex Mattress Hot to Sleep On?

If you're looking for quality sleep, strive to keep the temperature at around 65° if at all possible. At least, that is what the National Sleep Foundation suggests. Many individuals sleep better when their environment is cooler. A simple way of regulating your internal body temperature is to choose a mattress constructed of materials that won't absorb and trap heat near your body.

When it comes to mattress materials, however, some people mistakenly believe latex feels hot. This misconception is likely due to them confusing latex with memory foam. A latex mattress, however, actually helps with air circulation, which allows you to sleep cooler at night.

The Difference Between Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses

Since both memory foam and latex are shaped like a foam block and conform to your body, many individuals aren't aware of the differences between the two. But, they're very different, and are constructed from very different materials.  A natural latex mattress is made from latex, which is sourced naturally from the rubber tree's sap. With a memory foam mattress, you're dealing with a synthetic based product, which is a petroleum derivative known for trapping heat.

Latex mattresses have an open-cell structure, encouraging the foam to breathe. Pinholes in the mattress, which are created in the production process, help to optimize the air circulation. As you move around while sleeping, the air is moving in and out of your mattress through these pinholes as well as the open-cell structure, and this allows you to sleep cooler.

Memory foam, on the other hand, has a closed-cell structure, which traps the heat more so than latex, potentially making you sleep hot.

Other Factors That Impact Cold or Hot

Not only does the inner material composition of your latex mattress matter when it comes to sleeping hot, but so does the atmosphere outside your mattress. The physical atmosphere of your bed, your body weight, and room temperature could also contribute to the heat.

Another factor is the mattress cover. Latex mattresses that are wrapped in mattress covers aren't breathable, and can limit how dry and cool you stay while you're sleeping. Most manufacturers factor this in when constructing mattress covers, and offer organic cotton covers, which are cool and breathable.

Why Choose an Eco Terra Latex Mattress

Eco Terra latex mattresses are made with moisture-wicking, breathable materials that allow you to sleep cool with no sweat. The moisture-wicking, cool GOTS certified organic cotton provides you with an incredible inviting sleep surface.

Eco Terra also uses what's known as the Talalay Method. This is an all-natural latex making method allowing for a cooler, more breathable open cell structure mattress. The Talalay Method provides you with a cooler sleep temperature you need for a quality, restful night's sleep.

The Eco Terra latex mattress comes with 100% organic cotton cover material, which adds even more cooling options for you.

There are all types of consequences of sleeping hot. The heat from your body can cause you to sweat, which can lead to additional comfort. Since overheating can lead to sweat, and can be just plain uncomfortable, it can impact your sleep quality. Also, sweat might lead to bacteria growth - the combination of moisture and heat creates an atmosphere that may encourage bacteria. And, this could affect your overall health as well as reduce your mattress's lifespan. 

So, now you know it's a good idea to sleep on a mattress that doesn't cause you to sleep hot. An Eco Terra latex mattress can provide you with that option.

Patrick Gunther

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