Living Green: 10 Instagrammers to Follow

November 05, 2019

Living Green: 10 Instagrammers to Follow

It’s easy to feel alone when tackling a total lifestyle makeover, like living green. Complicate that by the fact that living green means different things to different people, and it can be even more intimidating.

These Instagrammers are living out loud with their green lifestyles, and helping you gain insight about small steps you can take to lead a greener, cleaner life for yourself, your children, your home, and the planet.

  1. @ecolifechoices

Jihea Kim shares her experiences in London as she strives for a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. She shares her insights on Instagram, and encourages others to be more mindful of their choices as well. From clothing choices to food selections, Jihea seeks to reduce her carbon footprint.

Her Instagram page features highlights from her personal journey as well as images of her efforts to create zero waste, invest in carbon offsetting, and educate others about the basics of organic food, clothing, and other products.

  1. @davecoulson

Photographer, artist, and conservationist, Dave Coulson uses Instagram to share images from around the world. Some haunting, others gorgeous, and all insightful about the beauty of nature in the world around us.

Coulson’s art is inspiring in the way it touches hearts and crosses borders to reveal the beauty of the planet that will be lost without ordinary people making simple changes in their daily lives to protect the forests, plains, woodlands, and waterways around the world.

  1. @jenlittlebirdie

Nature enthusiast, author, blogger, and sustainable lifestyle aficionado, Jen Chillingsworth is @jenlittlebirdie on Instagram where she shares her love of green living with her fans. Not only is she a fan of living green, she is also a fan of what she calls “slow living.” People who embrace this lifestyle take time to stop and smell the roses, and are known for being present and living in the moment.

Her images show the kind of slow intentional lifestyle many of us hope to lead. Whether taking in stunning views of the water, walking through fields of flowers, or simply sitting and taking in a great book, living slow and green can be an amazing experience.

  1. @urbanstrongnyc

Addressing the global lack of green spaces, @urbanstrongnyc displays images from around the world of living walls, green roofs, and vertical green spaces. While the Instagram page features many stunning green walls and spaces around the world, the organization behind the Instagram images seeks to train architects, builders, and others about the many benefits constructing and designing these types of buildings represents to communities, cities, and the planet as a whole.

Not only can they be sources of sustainable food supplies into the future, but they are also visually stunning images to consider.

  1. @wastelandrebel

Shia Su considers herself a “tiny living” enthusiast, and a zero-waste nerd. She is the author of Zero Waste (which is available in three languages), and lives the life she writes about. Her Instagram feed is filled with tidbits about zero waste living, what she eats, and how she lives.

She even uses Instagram to share her passion for the planet, the products she uses, and how her followers can also embrace greener living – even if on a smaller scale than she has committed to the cause.

  1. @sustainabledaisy

Karen is @sustainabledaisy and environmentalism is her passion. Her Instagram feed celebrates this passion and the people she shares it with. She works to share information about how others can lead the sustainable lives they seek without spending tons of money to accomplish their goals.

She doesn’t pressure readers into making the same choices, but offers a wide range of insights and encouragement to those seeking to take steps along a path to more sustainable living, whether taking baby steps or giant leaps.

  1. @thegreenhub

Kira Simpson is an eco-activist, green-living enthusiast, and perennial cheerleader for those seeking to dive deeper into green living and planetary activism. Not only does she support ethical brands and community consciousness, but she also promotes mindful choices in all things from food and clothing, to cosmetics, cleaning products, and even travel.

Kira’s Instagram is filled with images and products that excite and inspire her, and that she hopes will do the same for her audience.

  1. @blueollis

What’s not to love about an Instagram influencer whose name is Blue and promotes self-love, low waste, and intentional, sustainable living? That’s exactly what visitors to @blueollis receive when they visit her Instagram feed, along with amazing vegan food inspiration (and more than a little bit of food envy).

In addition to her Instagram feed, Blue is a writer, YouTuber, and blogger about all things related to low and zero-waste living. Learn about her passions, activism, and favorite products by following her on Instagram, and checking out her other works as well.

  1. @tollydollyposh

Anyone interested in sustainable fashion will find plenty to appreciate about @tollydollyposh on Instagram. Not only does she share her unique take on sustainable fashion, but she also sounds off about her passion for the planet through activism. Tolly, short for Tolmeia, is a 19-year-old fashion activist and blogger who began her journey at the age of 11.

  1. @mrspress

Clare Press is the sustainability editor for Vogue Australia, podcaster, author, and Global Ambassador for Make Fashion Circular. Her Instagram feed is filled with inspiration and images from her efforts to change the world through public speaking, imagery, the written word, and by example. Hopefully, visitors can leave feeling inspired.

Sometimes, all you need is a little visual inspiration to get you started on a path toward great changes. These Instagrammers might be the perfect launching point for you.

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