Meditation Room Ideas

February 15, 2023

Meditation Room Ideas

If you live in the fast lane, zooming from one activity to another all through your day, you might want to take some time to slow down and smell the roses.

If slowing down and taking a breather is all you need to bring some peace and tranquility back into your life, you might consider carving out a sacred space in your home to relax and meditate.

What is a Meditation Room?

Simply put, a meditation room is a space where you slow down and meditate. Based on the square footage of your house, you can dedicate a small area within a room, or get an entire outhouse where you can create a sacred space to relax and meditate.

The concept of having a meditation room in homes is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the hectic lifestyle we lead, with no time to reflect on our life's journey. Creating a dedicated meditation space can help you slow down a little to relax and refocus on your life's priorities.

Daily meditation can calm your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety while helping you refocus, and find your mental and emotional balance. Having a regular meditation practice can improve your mental health and well-being significantly in the long run.

What are the Benefits of a Meditation Room?

Whether you are a dedicated meditation practitioner devoting an hour every day to clear your mind of stress, or get small doses of meditation throughout the week, no one can deny the benefits of having such a calming ritual as part of your life.

To make the most of regular meditation practice, you need to have a sacred space in your house to focus on your life's purpose.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy by having a meditation room in your home.

Gives You a Place for a Routine

A regular meditation practice can help you focus on your priorities while calming your mind from the external chaos. Like other good habits, you need to follow a routine to benefit from mediation practice.

A dedicated sacred meditation room can help you get into a routine of meditation that will help you regain your mind-body balance in the long term.

Locks Out the Outside Chaos

As meditation requires you to focus on your breath for a long time, you need a stress-free calming atmosphere, away from the fast-paced, chaotic life. To help maintain calmness and focus while meditating, it makes sense to invest in a meditation room to block out the chaos.

Makes You Motivated to Mediate

Let's face it. It takes time to ease into a healthy routine for your well-being. Having a dedicated space to rebalance and focus on yourself can be hugely helpful in motivating you to continue with your meditation practice.

Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure

Following a regular meditation practice in a tranquil space can improve your physical and mental well-being. Taking time to relax can reduce your cortisol levels, removing stress and anxiety from your life.

Removes Distractions

If you are new to meditation, you will know how difficult it is to eliminate the regular distractions to focus on your meditation practices. Getting into your private meditation room would help you leave the busy life behind, if only for an hour or so, to dive into your spiritual well-being.

Meditation Room Ideas

No matter what the square footage of your home is, you can carve out a space to create the mediation room of your dreams.

Here are some ideas you can consider to make any space in your house, whether big or small, a peaceful area to enjoy your meditation practice.

Create a Cozy Room for Two

If you have an extra room, you can transform it into a cozy meditation room for you and your partner to spend some stress-free time together, and experience inner peace.

You can make the area cozy with natural light from the windows, and invest in a high-quality latex mattress from Eco Terra to give the room a warm, comfortable feel. The hybrid mattress from Eco Terra is made from 100% organic latex with a soft, breathable organic cotton cover that would help you bring tranquility to your surroundings.

To add to the comfort, throw in a 100% latex topper that is synthetic-free and chemical-free to help create a calming environment in your meditation room.

Bring in the Outdoors

If you are a nature lover, you can create a natural environment in your meditation room by bringing greenery into your space. Get some green and brown cushions, and wall art made from natural wood, to create a calming atmosphere in your medication space.

Open the doors and windows to let fresh air in, and get some potted plants to complete the natural look.

Give it an Asian Look

Your meditation room design can reflect an Asian look by placing a statue of Buddha in a prominent space in your meditation room. Make it a focal point, and arrange some comfortable, soft cushions for you to sit relaxedly.

Get a small table made from natural wood to put your scented candles, singing bowl, and some incense to give an Asian feel to the place. Invest in some throw rugs of neutral shades to create a calming environment.

Get a Bohemian Decor

While a meditation room usually has calm, soothing colors, you can spice up your meditation room design by adding a dash of bright colors to make it more lively. Adding meditative cushions and colorful pillows to your room can brighten up your mediation practice.

Paint the walls with bright colors, and get some colorful rugs to create a peaceful meditation space. Put some sheer curtains in contrasting colors to enhance the room's mood while you enjoy a vibrant atmosphere in your meditation room.

Make it Minimalist

If you prefer a more simplistic space with only a few elements for your daily meditation, your room idea can involve getting some simple pillows around to create a calming environment. You can create a relaxing meditation space by keeping the meditation room decor simple and functional.

Use neutral shades on the walls, and get a yoga mat of neutral color to set up your yoga routine. Open the windows to let the fresh air in, and light some candles to create warm lighting in your space.

Take it Outdoors

If you have an outhouse, you can create a meditation area amongst nature that is suitable for your daily meditation practices. Your meditation room idea can involve creating a unique space in between nature to improve your energy, mood, and overall mental peace.

Use the extra space outside the house to create a space that is free from chaos, and peaceful for your meditation practices.

Designate a Corner for Your Soul

If you do not have an entire room, it makes sense to use a corner of your house to set a calming space for meditation. You can create a unique space in the corner by using some exciting wall decor to improve the mood of the area.

Create cozy lighting using scented candles, and throw in some soft, relaxing music to improve your mood to get into your daily yoga practice. Keep your mobile outside to get rid of the annoying text messages as you spend time relaxing and meditating.

Make Your Patio Your Spiritual Zen

If you do not have a dedicated space in your house for meditating, you can transform the extra space in your patio to create a small meditation room.

A Hanging Space

Create a calming environment by making a decorated swing as your focal point, while creating your meditation room design. Swing around, and create a soulful bubble around you to get into a meditative state.

Loft Space

You can use some extra space in the loft of your house to get some excellent meditation room ideas. Create a meditative corner with open spaces and a bright yoga mat. Keep the area clean, and use some candles for soft lighting, completing your yoga setting.

Window Nook

If you lack space in your house, you can utilize a cozy window nook to plan a meditative space. Get some plants, use fresh air and natural light, and lounge in soft cushions to have a soulful start to your yoga practice.

Create an Altar

You can transform a corner of a room into your mediation space by creating an altar. Open the windows, and let natural lighting in. Use items like candles, crystals, and singing bowls that resonate with you to help with your yoga practices.

Repurpose a Closet

If you do not have a dedicated space in your house for meditation, you can utilize a closet in your room to create a sacred space. Put in some candles and singing bowls to create an excellent meditation area.

Tips for Creating Your Meditation Room

Your mediation room ideas must reflect a calming and relaxed setting that can ease your soul, and bring peace back to your life. Here are some tips for creating the meditation rooms of your dreams.

Use Natural Materials

Make sure to use natural breathable materials to create a peaceful environment in your meditation room.

Keep the Mediation Room Decor Simple

Keep the room clean and clutter-free to allow yourself to breathe and stay calm while meditating.

Keep it Calming and Cozy

Use neutral shades and sheer fabric in your home decor to make the room calm and relaxing.

Let the Greenery In

Using green colors on the walls, and getting some potted plants in your meditation space, can allow you to create positive energy in the room.

Utilize the Unused Space

You do not need a separate room to create your meditation space. Utilizing unused space can help you create a dedicated space for relaxation, allowing you to get into the mood for your meditation.

Create a Focal Point

To improve the energy of the space, you can focus on a spiritual object like a Buddha statue or spiritual wall art to enhance positivity, and improve your mental health.

Keep the Decor Simple

Simple home decor can help you relax and meditate in a peaceful setting.

Experiment with Light

Use natural light by opening the windows, or create a cozy atmosphere by lighting some candles.

Plan your Colors

You can use neutral shades on your walls to create a relaxing space. Using bolder colors in throw rugs, meditation cushions, and colorful pillows can enhance the energy of your special space.

Use the Floor

While furniture can make you feel comfortable, it is best to sit on the floor to make the most of your meditation practices. Get a comfortable yoga mat, or use an all-natural mattress from a premium brand like Eco Terra to create a relaxing sitting space where you can meditate peacefully.


Irrespective of the square footage of your house, you can carve out a tranquil space for your meditation by getting a bit creative, and utilizing the floor available to you. Use candles, essential oils, and crystals to create a positive mood to meditate in peace.

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