What Is the Average Cost of a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

February 15, 2023

What Is the Average Cost of a Hybrid Latex Mattress?

When it comes to the price of a high-quality hybrid latex mattress, there's no one price tag that suits all mattresses. Mattresses can cost as little as $250 and go as high as $3,500 or more, depending on the size, materials, where it was manufactured, and so forth.

It can be hard to know exactly what you should be paying because of the price variance, depending on certain factors. But, it is helpful to know the different factors that could affect the cost of your new hybrid latex mattress.

Factors that Impact the Price of a Hybrid Latex Mattress

As mentioned, various factors will impact how much you pay for your new hybrid latex mattress, but some common factors will include:

  1. Size of Mattress

This should be an obvious factor. The bigger the mattress, the higher you should expect the price tag to be. You'll typically pay half as much for a twin mattress as you would a king size mattress. And the mattress sizes that are not as popular, like a Twin XL or California King, for instance, are often a bit more costly than the more popular size mattresses like a King, Queen, or Twin.

  1. Construction and Material

A big cost factor for a new hybrid latex mattress is the types of materials used for constructing the mattress as well as the craftsmanship and quality put into the construction. You'll find hybrid mattresses (crafted with both foam and innerspring) will come with a steeper price tag than all-foam mattresses. So will specialty or luxury materials like latex. Price can vary significantly, even for all-foam mattresses, depending on the foam that was used. Specialty materials like copper-infused memory foam will be more costly than an all-foam mattress, which is fairly cheap.

  1. Warranty and Return Terms

Some type of warranty and return policy should be attached to most new mattresses, and will have an impact on how much the mattress costs, depending on the details of the warranties and policies. For instance, a longer warranty will likely increase your initial purchase price.

  1. In-Person or Online

You might think it makes more sense to walk into a brick-and-mortar store to purchase a new hybrid latex mattress because you want to obviously test it out. However, while this seems like the most logical route, it can also be a more costly one. In fact, many local mattress stores will actually mark up their mattresses, which causes you to pay a lot more than what the mattresses even cost to make. With online mattress retailers, their overhead costs are much lower, and they can sell their mattresses at far lower prices. So, you can save yourself some substantial money by shopping online.

Other Expenses for a New Mattress

Your biggest cost will be the actual mattress. But, there are other expenses to buying a mattress that you'll want to consider and budget for, depending on where you're buying the mattress.

  1. Accessories and Foundations

Aside from the initial cost of the mattress, any accessories that come with the mattress will have a cost attached to them. For instance, a box spring/foundation will have a big cost, and you'll also want to consider the costs of things like bedding. Each of these things will vary in how much they cost, too, depending on the size of your mattress. The bigger the mattress, the bigger the bedding, and therefore, usually the bigger the price tag.

  1. Setup Costs and Shipping

You might have to pay for in-home setup and/or delivery and shipping, depending on where you're purchasing your mattress. Some companies will remove your old bed for you, which comes with its own fee. You can expect to pay up to $100 on shipping, depending on where you buy the mattress. Fortunately, many online companies, like Eco Terra, offer free shipping.

  1. Warranty and Returns

Certain mattress warranties and return policies also have costs associated with them. Certain manufacturers will have you pay for return shipping if you're sending a product back. Others might charge a "restocking" fee linked with returning a product. You'll want to double check these terms when purchasing a new hybrid latex mattress.

How to Get the Best Price on a Hybrid Latex Mattress

Some ways you can save money on your new hybrid latex mattress are:

  • Purchase it online. In most cases, buying your mattress online will cost you a lot less than buying it locally.
  • Comparison shop. You'll find hundreds of mattresses companies that are all competing with one another. You can take advantage of this by doing a little comparison shopping to find the best deals.
  • Consider durability. You might save some money initially on buying a cheaper mattress, but if it's poor quality, you'll have to replace it shortly. Quality and durability are usually worth the higher price.
  • Invest in your health. Don't skimp out on quality. A quality mattress can impact both your happiness and health. So, you'll want to ensure you're purchasing a quality mattress that will last you a long time.
  • Take advantage of holiday sales. A lot of mattress stores will have very attractive deals and sales during the holidays, particularly Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Black Friday, and Independence Day. So, be sure to keep your eyes open for these.

Eco Terra Hybrid Mattress Affordable Prices

All Eco Terra hybrid mattresses are uncompromising and pure. They're made with 100% natural talalay latex, and organic cotton and wool. They have fabric-encased responsive support coils. You'll find no toxins or polyurethane in any of our mattresses. Because of in-house manufacturing and direct delivery, we ensure high quality at fair prices.

Prices of Eco Terra’s hybrid latex mattresses vary depending on size.

  1. Twin

Dimensions:   38 x 75 x 11 Weight:   59 lbs

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $749


  1. Twin XL

Dimensions:   38 x 80 x 11 Weight:   63 lbs.

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $849


  1. Full

Dimensions:   54 x 75 x 11 Weight:   84 lbs.

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $949


  1. Queen

Dimensions:   60 x 80 x 11 Weight:   100 lbs.

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $1,049


  1. King

Dimensions:   76 x 80 x 11 Weight:   127 lbs.

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $1,249


  1. Cal King

Dimensions:   72 x 84 x 11 Weight:   126 lbs

Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm

Current price: $1,249


These are the original prices and sales occur throughout the year. We offer free shipping and free returns in the U.S., and a 90-night sleep trial. You also get a 15-year limited warranty. Eco Terra also offers Klarna 0% APR financing, where you receive flexibility to pay over time. You can pay as little as $67 a month with the Klarna flexibility financing plan.

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