Why a Latex Mattress is Perfect for an Adjustable Bed

October 30, 2017

Why a Latex Mattress is Perfect for an Adjustable Bed

Not long ago, the majority of new mattresses sold came as a set – an innerspring mattress with a box spring platform. Today, most mattresses are sold separately from the platform, which means you're able to pick and choose the perfect mattress, without having to commit to buying a particular bed platform or base.

One of the most popular bed bases today is the adjustable bed base. Adjustable beds offer sleepers luxurious comfort, by adjusting the bed, and moving the head and foot of the bed up and down, so that it’s always in the prefect position. When a mattress and bed base are sold separately, it allows you to pick and choose the best mattress for your needs, as well as the best bed base that will match your sleeping style, which makes for a special and unique sleeping experience.

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is a high quality mattress, making it a perfect choice for all adjustable beds.

High-Quality Latex Mattress

It’s essential to find the highest quality all natural latex mattress when pairing it with an adjustable bed base. A low quality mattress simply won’t offer you the support you need when used with an adjustable bed base. It also won’t last as long as a high quality mattress. Simply put – an all natural latex mattress is going to be your best mattress choice when looking for a safe, comfortable, high quality mattress that works well with an adjustable bed base. 

The Eco Terra latex mattress is considered a high quality mattress for many reasons. It is plant derived and all natural. Because it’s all natural, your sleep each night will be cool and comfortable. Also, when you choose an Eco Terra latex mattress, you won’t sink down into the foam, which happens often with memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses and mattresses with high quality, fabric encased coils are also more flexible than standard innerspring mattresses. They are perfect mattresses to go with your adjustable bed.    

Low-Quality Mattresses:

  • Will often sag over time
  • Won’t offer the firm support you need, too soft
  • Will sleep hotter than an Eco Terra All Natural Latex Mattress
  • May be unsafe; off-gassing, strange odors
  • Won’t provide the edge support you need
  • Won’t protect you from motion transfer

An adjustable bed is a perfect bed base choice if you have unique sleeping needs.

Adjustable Bed = Unique Sleeping Experience

The popularity of adjustable beds continues to rise due to their ability to offers sleepers a more comfortable and truly unique sleeping experience. While sleeping on a flat surface may work for many, there are many more who are in need of a little more versatility. An adjustable bed allows for this since you're able to adjust the head and foot of the bed, to a number of comfortable sleeping positions. 

Adjustable beds are also popular among those who are looking for ways to reduce pain which they may have, giving them the ability to adjust the bed to a position which gives them the most comfort and relieves their pressure and pain.

There are quite a few choices when it comes to choosing the best adjustable bed. You can choose a basic adjustable bed, which will allow you to raise the head and foot of the bed, to various positions, for your comfort. You can also choose an adjustable bed base which contains a number of additional features, like programming your favorite positions for one touch convenience, alarm clock, underbed lighting and even a full body massage setting. It's wise to do some research and determine which features are best for your needs. 

Adjustable Bed Benefits:

  • Luxurious comfort
  • Ability to raise the top of the mattress, sit up in bed
  • Ability to raise the bottom of the mattress, elevate the feet
  • Helps with health issues, i.e. bad circulation, heartburn.

While regular beds offer a large flat surface to put a mattress on, a bed base that adjusts offers sleepers the ability to create their own unique sleeping experience.

Why a Latex Mattress is the Best Choice

Even though an adjustable bed can give you a luxurious sleeping experience, choosing the best mattress is truly key to years of comfortable sleep. A quality latex mattress is the perfect mattress choice for beds that are adjustable because it gives you the comfort and support you need, while still easily conforming to a variety of positions due to its cellular structure. Eco Terra Latex Mattresses are top rated mattresses and they work well with all adjustable beds!  

Eco Terra is a Top Rated Luxury Mattress

The best mattress for an adjustable bed is one that’s both flexible and durable, two of the main reasons why Eco Terra is a top mattress choice when shopping for an adjustable bed. These luxury latex mattresses are not only extremely comfortable, durable, and flexible, but the high quality fabric encased coils add additional comfort, providing a luxurious sleeping experience.

Two other important mattress qualities include support and thickness. Latex mattresses tend to be more supportive when compared to other mattresses and they range in thickness, making them a top choice for any adjustable bed base.

The Eco Terra mattress easily provides the support you need and it is thick enough to provide extreme comfort, while still fitting perfectly into all adjustable bed bases.