Why You Need a Latex Mattress in Your Bed and Breakfast

February 15, 2023

Why You Need a Latex Mattress in Your Bed and Breakfast

Your bed and breakfast is a huge investment, and, for many owners, a long-time dream come to fruition. You want every aspect of your inn to bring comfort and joy to the guests who come to spend their time in your inn. You’ve taken great care in choosing the décor, the furnishings, and even the food that will go on the menu from week to week. You may even have a theme in place for your inn to capitalize on the local landscape, or to invite people who have very specific senses of humor to your establishment.

But, how much time and energy have you invested in choosing the perfect mattresses for your bed and breakfast? Do you even know about the many different options available to you? Today’s mattress marketplace is more crowded than ever. But bed and breakfast owners need to keep their eyes on only one type of mattress for their inns, a latex mattress.

These are just a few great reasons why you need latex mattresses for your bed and breakfast and its guests.

Latex Mattresses are Non-Toxic

At least that is the case when you make sure you’re getting 100 percent natural latex mattresses for your bed and breakfast. These mattresses are made of botanical latex with manufacturing processes that are also planet-friendly.

How do you know these mattresses are non-toxic?

In a world where mattress manufacturers make all kinds of false claims, hoping to lure in customers eager to make planet-friendly purchases, how can you be sure you’re getting the pure, natural mattress product you’re in the market for?

Look for mattresses that have certifications from independent certifying agencies. For instance, there are several certifying organizations that certify the ingredients in natural latex mattresses, including:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified natural latex and ECO-Institut Standard 100 certified latex.
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified wool.
  • GOTS organic certified cotton products.

These are just some of the non-toxic materials used to make the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress. These standards not only guard against a variety of toxins, polyurethane, chemical fire retardants, chemical adhesives, formaldehyde, and other potentially harmful materials, but also ensure that the manufacturing process doesn’t introduce new toxins into the mattresses. This means no worry about upper respiratory reactions caused by exposure to these toxins interrupting your guests’ adventures.

Latex Mattresses are Extremely Durable

Latex is an extremely durable material. It is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree), and filled with the botanical ingredients that make rubber so resilient. This is a theme that is notable about the natural latex mattress. It has the ability to quickly come back to it’s natural shape, so that there are no dents, divots, lumps, and bumps, even after years of use.

While the average coil innerspring mattress lasts approximately seven years, the latex mattress from Eco Terra has a 15 year limited warranty. That’s double the durability – under warranty. Some can last long after the warranty ends, especially when properly cared for as is the case with the average bed and breakfast.

Latex Mattress Offer Divine Comfort

The one thing that sets natural latex mattresses apart from other types of mattresses on the market today is the amazing comfort these mattresses offer those using them. The hybrid latex mattress is a hybrid of fabric encased coils and natural Talalay latex that is the perfect marriage of luxurious comfort and support. It’s the perfect choice for a bed and breakfast, where you want each guest to feel as if he or she is wrapped in luxury throughout their stay, without having to charge exorbitant rates to provide that luxury.

When you make wise, cost-effective purchasing choices, like buying plush hybrid latex that leaves guests feeling as though they are sleeping on supportive clouds, your guests will wake up comfortable and well-rested after just one night on a sumptuous latex mattress. They may even choose to extend their stays, if there are rooms available.

Latex Mattresses Exceed Guest Expectations

There isn’t enough that can be said about the importance of this point for bed and breakfast inns that often rely on repeat business throughout the various seasons. Latex mattresses offer the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and support, allowing your bed and breakfast guests to feel as though they are sleeping in a high-end resort or spa. This helps to exceed their expectations, and will keep them coming back for more, year after year, when they need to get away. This means repeat business for you as well as them recommending your bed and breakfast to all their friends and family – at least the ones they like!

Why Eco Terra Latex Mattresses?

Eco Terra latex mattresses are made to order in the USA, once you place your order. They are hand-crafted to meet the needs of your bed and breakfast. From the size of the mattresses to the date the mattresses are crafted and delivered, you have amazing opportunities for customization with the natural latex mattress from Eco Terra.

More importantly, you get the same quality materials and craftsmanship you’ll find in much more expensive latex mattresses, for a fraction of the cost. This makes latex a far more affordable luxury to include in your bed and breakfast, allowing you to look like an even greater value to potential clientele.

Few companies in the mattress industry offer the same degree of access and transparency you’ll get with Eco Terra Latex Mattresses, much less the amazing price. Try Eco Terra for your bed and breakfast today, and see what a difference it makes for your bed and breakfast.

Patrick Gunther

Patrick is an accomplished writer. He has been in the retail mattress space for the past 13 years, and more specifically in the natural mattress niche. He blogs on the subjects of natural mattresses, sleep, health, fitness, and green living.